Horrors await newlyweds in upcoming horror Malicious, recently acquired by Vertical Entertainment.

The two minute trailer for Malicious gives us a taste of what to expect.  We are introduced to a young couple moving into a new home when Lisa, who is pregnant, has a disturbing encounter. She has an accident where she is taken to the hospital, learning she has had a miscarriage. When the couple returns home, Lisa starts seeing more in the house, realizing an entity is haunting her.  The couple seek the help of paranormal researcher, Dr. Clark, to help figure out what is occurring in their new house.


Malicious is the new horror film from writer/director Michael Winnick of The Collector and executive producer Shaun Redick from last year’s phenomenon Get OutThe movie stars Josh Stewart (The Collector, Insidious: Chapter 4) and Bojana Novakovic (Drag Me To Hell, Devil) as the terrorized couple, and Delroy Lindo as Dr. Clark (Gone in 60 Seconds, The Cider House Rules), a doctor of parapsychology who comes to help them.

“The fear and the fragility of having a newborn weighs on every couple, and in Malicious, those terrors are heightened in unexpected ways,” said executive producer Shaun Redick in a conversation with THR.

With the recent success of this year’s Hereditary, filmmakers are having fun exploring the idea of if it’s the house that is haunted or if it’s the character.  Taking real life experiences and ordeals audiences can relate to, then adding a supernatural element. “She’s a part of me now.  She’ll follow me wherever we go.” The trailer leaves us wondering if it is her baby or the evil presence Lisa is talking about.

Synopsis from Music Box Theatre: 

“When young college professor Adam and his pregnant wife Lisa suffer a traumatic event, they find themselves along with Lisa’s sister Becky (Melissa Bolona) haunted—and connected—to a malicious entity. Only when Adam calls upon colleague Dr. Clark (Delroy Lindo), does the true horror of what is happening become clear.”


Malicious debuted at the 2018 Chicago genre film festival Cinepocalypse in June and had its initial release in July in Brazil.  There is currently no wide theatrical release date for the U.S.  The film will be released in North America by Vertical Entertainment.