Do you ever find yourself wandering why we don’t get more romantic horror films? The kind where someone will do anything for the one they love? And maybe it involves a lot of blood. Also shapeshifting somehow. Cool, cause we’ve got one! Lifechanger has just dropped their trailer and it’s giving us all the shapeshift love we could handle.

This new Canadian horror film follows a murderous shapeshifter on a bloody mission to make things right again for the woman he loves. Starring Lora Burke, Jack Foley, and Elitsa Bako. Lifechanger is written, produced, and directed by Justin McConnell (Galaxy of Horrors, segment “wraparound”).


Lifechanger looks to be his love letter to the great folklore behind shapeshifting. And I’m curious if he will divulge the how or why this person can shapeshift. Or perhaps he’ll treat it as if it’s a normal situation and let the viewers use their imagination.

So what exactly is shapeshifting? It’s essentially being able to transform your physical form into something else usually through some form of magic. In the trailer we hear our lead say they can shift into the other person completely. Including looks but also thoughts, hopes, dreams, memories. Which makes it terrifying how easy it will be for this character to hide away in someone else’s form and fool everyone involved.

The film looks dark and gloomy but in a great way. It shows confusing flashes of the shapeshifter jumping from human to human. The practical effects from what I can see so far look incredible. I’m looking forward to some great body horror when it comes to the actual shapeshifting. The special effects were handled by David Scott’s Form and Dynamics. While it’s hard to really flesh out a story from the trailer, it is intriguing enough to have folks interested. I think it will be a great mix of drama, horror, and a little fantasy.

Lifechanger will premiere July 20th at the Fantasia International Film Festival. It will also be shown at the Arrow Video FrightFest in London on August 24th. Lifechanger will be distributed by Uncork’d Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment will handle the Canadian distribution.


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