With their first foray into documentaries, Shudder is releasing Horror Noire, a film about the history of black horror. Based on the book of the same name by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, this documentary will dive into over 100 years of horror cinema and the role that black directors, actors, and audiences played within the genre and take a critical look at representation and inclusivity.

Horror Noire will feature interviews with some of the greats, including Tony Todd of Candyman fame and Jordan Peele, director of Get Out. Other interviewees featured in the film include directors Ernest Dickerson (Bones), Rusty Cundieff (Tales from the Hood), and Tina Mabry (Mississippi Damned), as well as actors Paula Jai Parker (Tales from the Hood), and Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead). These interviews seek to interrogate the roles that black people have played in horror and how that has been challenged both in the past (Night of the Living Dead) and more recently (Get Out).




Horror Noire, directed by Xavier Burgin, had the support of several important members of the horror community. It was executive produced by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, author-educator Tananarive Due, Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr and Kelly Ryan of Stage 3 Productions. It was produced and co-written by Ashlee Blackwell and Danielle Burrows.

Blackwell founded Graveyard Shift Sisters, a site dedicated to black female horror fans. She said of the film:

“There are messages of humanity and survival that Black storytellers and performers have been expressing in horror since the genre’s beginning. It’s been an exciting journey to work with a team to bring this once hidden history to life and out of the shadows.”


Horror Noire is an important and timely documentary that explores an overlooked part of the horror genre that’s only just beginning to get the attention it deserves,” said Shudder’s general manager, Craig Engler. “We’re honored and thrilled to help bring this project to life and share it with the world.”

Horror Noire hits Shudder on February 7th. It will also have premiere dates ahead of its Shudder debut in New York and Los Angeles. Let us know what you think about the documentary on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!