Everybody wants to take a trip to the iconic Joshua Tree…good luck posting about it after you summon a shape-shifting creature! Head Count is a mystery thriller from Elle Callahan in her directorial debut, following a group of teens who find more than beautiful views on a trip to the California desert inevitably fighting for their lives.


From the visually intriguing opening of the trailer, featuring a room full of lamps showing off our characters, the film looks to be a small, atmospheric affair. Small in that the movie appears to be isolated to the desert, but also in scale as the film has a low-budget feel. A few other things to notice is the large ensemble cast, of at least 10 characters as we find out the entity will divide them into groups of 5. This could make for some interesting character relationships… or a high body count.


Official synopsis:

A group of teenagers unknowingly summon a paranormal presence during their weekend trip to the Joshua Tree desert. This monster mimics their appearances to hide among them and seeks to separate them into groups of five to complete its deadly ritual.


Personally, I’m hoping for the latter. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ culty time, huh? This creature (or entity) is fascinating, not only for being a shapeshifter but also for being ridiculously specific. Groups of 5, taking the form of others…what’s going to be in store for this ritual? Unique premise, like a combination of Us and the upcoming hipster nightmare Midsommar. Obviously Head Count isn’t as polished or high profile as either of those films, but the trailer definitely grabs your attention.

Head Count hits limited theaters and VOD June 14th, 2019! What do you make of the trailer? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit!

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