The woods are a central horror setting, with nature seen as a connection to primordial, supernatural forces that come out as soon as the sun goes down. But in director Roxanne Benjamin’s latest film, The Body at Brighton Rock, the horrors in the woods are much more real. This isn’t a film about the supernatural, but about the real horrors that lurk in between the trees, from creepy men to giant bears.

The Body at Brighton Rock follows a new part-time park ranger, Wendy, who takes on a difficult trail assignment to prove she isn’t a novice. However, she finds a decaying body on the trail and must stay with it until help comes. But there’s a catch: because she is so far away from civilization, she has no cell service and cannot provide an exact location. So, she must stand guard throughout the night in the middle of nowhere. There seem to be more than just bears stalking her through the trees.



Here is the film’s official plot synopsis:

Wendy, a part-time summer employee at a mountainous state park, takes on a rough trail assignment at the end of the season, trying to prove to her friends that she’s capable enough to do the job. When she takes a wrong turn and ends up deep in the backcountry, she stumbles upon what might be a potential crime scene. Stuck with no communication after losing her radio and with orders to guard the site, Wendy must fight the urge to run and do the harder job of staying put — spending the night deep in the wilderness, facing down her worst fears and proving to everyone – including herself – that she’s made of stronger stuff than they think she is.


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The Body at Brighton Rock stars Karina Fontes as Wendy (Southbound). It also stars Emily Althaus (Orange is the New Black), Casey Adams (XX), Miranda Bailey (The Diary of a Teenager Girl), Martin Spanjers (The Curse of Downers Grove), and John Getz (The Social Network).

This is director and producer Roxanne Benjamin’s first full-length feature film. She has directed short films in well-known horror anthologies, such as XX and Southbound, and produced the V/H/S films. She is tour de force of horror and I’m excited to see her first full-length film.

The Body at Brighton Rock premiered at SXSW ‘19. It’s coming to theatres and VOD on April 26th. What do you think of the trailer? Will you be checking this film out? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!


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