There’s a time in everyone’s life that is so horrific, emotional and confusing that it can only be called one thing; puberty.  In the new UK film The Devil Outside, writer and director Andrew Hulme (Snow in Paradise) tackles this pivotal time and adds his own brand of intensity to the mix. The UK trailer has recently been making the rounds as the film begins to hit theaters. Check it out below.


According to the film’s IMDB page:

Robert Eastwood is an innocent, brought up in a world of Born Again Christianity that’s taught him to look for signs and to believe evil in waiting just outside the front door. When he goes to school he’s shocked to discover that no one else thinks the world was made in 7 days or that Jesus will be returning. Caught between his Mother, who’s determined to bring Jesus’ love to a dead mining town, and his best friend Marcus who’s introduced him to teenage rebellion Robert becomes the center of a spiritual tug of war as he tries to escape his religious beliefs. It’s then that he discovers a dead body in the woods and realizes God has sent him a sign. The Devil Outside is a story of everyday madness.


The title role of Robert is played by newcomer Noah Carson. Robert’s mother is played by Keeley Forsyth (Guardians of the Galaxy) and his dad is played by Alex Lowe (The Brothers Grimsby).  Other noted cast members include Mark Stobbart (The Tournament) as David, and Jeremy Colton (Legends) as Trevor.


Is it a horror film? Is it a drama? Perhaps a sublime mixture of both.  The film first premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 22, 2018 and has been racking up favorable reviews ever since.  A story that seems to touch on the difficulties of finding one’s place in the world, coupled with some dark circumstances sets the stage for a guaranteed emotional ride.  While there are no reported US release dates as of yet, with festival season fast approaching it wouldn’t be surprising to see this film make the rounds this side of the Atlantic.

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