Good news everybody! Especially those of you who love some good old fashioned J-horror. The first trailer for the new movie from the director of several of the Ju-On movies (aka the original Grudge flicks), Takashi Shamizu, just dropped and even if I have no idea what anyone is saying, it’s still darn spooky.



The plot synopsis for from the film’s IMDB page is as follows:

“The legend and fright of of the Inunaki village of Japan comes back to life. Everything there is cursed and morbid. Moreover, the village actually exists. Enter Kanae a licensed and practicing psychologist who not only is curious vocationally, but herself can communicate with the spirits. She finds herself personally involved when her brother and his girlfriend find themselves in trouble within the limits of Inunaki.”

Whelp that’s a place I don’t want to go to anytime soon, or ever. Turns out though, if I wanted to, I could! Inunaki village is actually a real place and seemingly just as terrifying as the movie makes it out to be. Inunaki village can be found on the outskirts of Japan, has been deserted for over 74 years, technology does not work within the village, and, now this is the good part, there’s a sign that says “the constitutions and laws of Japan do not apply here”. I’m not going to go on about the whole history of the place, but lets just say it involves a bunch of cannibalism and incest. Basically, the perfect setting for a horror movie!


Speaking of horror movies, Shamizu has been a busy bee as a director. I highly suggest checking out his 2005 film Reincarnation. The plot may be confusing and it’s certainly slow at points, but when it gets creepy boy does it get creepy. Although you might want to avoid it if you’re not a fan of spooky dolls.


Are you willing to take a trip to the Howling Village when the movie releases February 7th, 2020? Or is this one tourist destination you’d rather avoid? Let us know by taking a stroll on down to our Twitter, the Nightmare on Film Street Subreddit, and Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club!