This year, on October 19th, Halloween returns to Haddonfield.

That’s right fiends, within these very megabytes, we’ve got the trailer to the highly anticipated sequel/reboot to Halloween. From Universal Pictures, Blumhouse, and filmmaker David Gordon Green comes a new chapter in the story of a little boy called Michael Myers. One I’m sure we all previously believed we would never see on screen again.

H40 isn’t just another sequel to re-release a Halloween Box set. No. This installment re-imagines the entire franchise, following John Carpenter’s iconic original film and vision. Not only does the film have his blessing – but he’s even scoring itHalloween (2018) also marks the return of one of the most iconic final girls in the genre, Laurie Strode, the role reprised by none other than Jamie Lee Curtis herself.

It’s going to be a wild ride, folks. Halloween is returning to its roots, and it’s about to get BONKERS.


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40 years ago, the Shape terrorized a sleepy little town called Haddonfield. A deranged soul hellbent on murder, Michael Myers returned to his childhood home after breaking out of the confines of his mental health facility, somewhere he had spent the majority of his life. Donning a white, shapeless mask and armed with a long-handled kitchen knife – The Shape set his eyes on his first victims. The teenagers of Haddonfield.

That Halloween night was one residents of Haddonfield would never forget. Several teenagers didn’t survive with their lives, butchered in their own homes. One girl, with the help of Michael’s psychologist Samuel Loomis, made it out alive.

Now a grandmother, Laurie Strode (Curtis) must confront The Shape one final time. Stakes are high with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and daughter Karen (Judy Greer) lives on the line.


Halloween returns October 19th, 2018. After you’ve checked out the trailer (above), come chat with our community of fiends who are currently losing their minds over in our Horror Group on Facebook.

There it is. The Halloween trailer.


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