There is something real and scarier than vampires in Transylvania.” Check out the trailer (above) for the new film The Wanderers. Aptly subtitled ‘The Quest of The Demon Hunter’, the film follows wandering demon hunter Louis, portrayed by Armonde Assante (Gotti, American Gangster). After six men are mysteriously murdered in haunted mansion, he may just be the only man for the job.


Experienced vampire hunter Louis Moudon and his companion, a journalist, arrive in an isolated village in Transylvania to investigate the mystery surrounding a strange event. Along with their guide, young local Sorana, and the reality show team, they will find out that the villagers are experiencing a terrible dread. Louis will soon have to face a totally surprising discovery.

From the synopsis and the trailer, it is difficult to say what the monster will be. Whatever it is, there looks to be enough blood and violence to satiate gore and genre fans. And, for those that prefer a chuckle, The Wanderers also looks to add a bit of comedy relief to the film with the inclusion of two Koreans on vacation, Ji Won and Sung Ho. They’re hosts of an online vampire show, on the hunt for something viral-worthy.


The Wanderers is directed by Dragos Buliga from a screenplay by Octav Gheorghe. The cast is made up of Israeli-born actor Lior Ashkenazi, Korean actors Bae Junghwa and Sun Hojae, Romanian actors Raluca Aprodu and Răzvan Vasilescu and the Bosnian actor Branko Duric.

There is no release date for The Wanderers as of yet. The film premiered in Romania on June 5th, 2017 at Transylvania International Film Festival. The Wanderers also screened at the Dracula and Unreal Film Festivals where it took the top prize at both for Best Feature Film. Assante also took Best Performance at Unreal as well.

Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


the wanderers
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