Every time I see the Toronto International Film Festival lineup, I get jealous as hell. This year was certainly no exception (I’m lookin’ at you, Halloween premiere!) and one of the best things was a beauty called The Wind. The trailer for The Wind is all this yank gets to see, but it certainly has me all fired up. Let’s take a look, shall we?



The Wind is a supernatural thriller set in the North American West of the late nineteenth century. Emma, played by Caitlin Gerard (Insidious: The Last Key), is losing her mind due to the isolation and desolation of the western frontier. While the loneliness may be spurring that madness on, it may not be the only thing to blame. Is something more sinister at work, or is it just the wind?

I may not know the answer, but the trailer sure makes me want to find out. The words harrowing and unnerving come to mind. In an age when we are so connected that not getting a text back after two or three minutes seems like grounds for panic, audiences are likely to resonate with the horror that would come with true isolation. Take that isolation and add some haunted house level shit and, well, a modern person would likely die of fright.

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Hot at the Shop:


Official Synopsis:

With The Wind, director Emma Tammi and writer Teresa Sutherland have embarked on a nightmarish yet empathetic exploration of domestic solitude, skillfully conjuring — in bone-chilling visual and sonic strokes — an indescribable spectre that seems to emanate from the abysses of the night itself.

Unravelling across a series of flashbacks that propel us towards the devastating aftermath of violence that opens the film and beyond, the story assumes the perspective of Elizabeth Macklin (Caitlin Gerard), a settler of the 1800s who has accompanied her husband in his effort to cultivate a desolate stretch of the American Western frontier.

Elizabeth has long perceived a festering evil permeating their pastures, only to have her observations dismissed by her husband as religious superstitions. However, when a couple arrives to rehabilitate a nearby abandoned cabin, their strange experiences rekindle Elizabeth’s own infectious paranoia. As with any great horror film, the devil is in the details (often quite literally), and Tammi meticulously sows sinister threads into every creak of wood, every rattle of rusted metal, and every eerie breath of howling wind.With its exquisite photography and its dread-soaked tone, The Wind, in the tradition of The Witch, represents an uncanny chapter in the annals of American folk-horror.


The Wind stars two women, who hold the bulk of the film, and is written, directed, produced, cast, production designed and edited by women. It’s clear these women likely know a thing or two about the dangers of isolation and that personal touch is going to make this grounded and engaging. That fact alone has me very interested but toss in the fact that this gorgeous looking female driven flick is a horror western and, well, someone just take my damn money and give me a ticket already!

The Wind premiered September 10th at TIFF and hopes to snag a distributor and wide release thereafter. Stay tuned, check it out when it comes out and let us know all your fiendish thoughts on social media!