Bearing the appropriately catchy tagline “Some Roads Aren’t Meant to be Taken”, What Lies Ahead is the debut thriller from director Rob Gardner, and we have the trailer here for you now. In the trailer, two young women, Raven and Jessica, set off on a road trip that quickly takes a dark and sinister turn. Jessica, who is dating Raven‘s brother, seems to be the primary person in danger. A missing phone, fast food theft, a deadly game, and a scene of murder all play a part in the events that unfold.


What Lies Ahead stars Rumer Willis (Sorority Row) as Raven and Emma Dumont (Inherent Vice) as Jessica, the two characters who go on the road trip together. In addition to Willis and Dumont, the film also stars Kelly Blatz (2008’s Prom Night). The film was written by William J. Viglione, who also served as producer. Rob Gardner directed. What Lies Ahead is scheduled to be released via various streaming platforms on March 1, 2019 by Lago Pictures.


Official Synopsis:

When two young women embark on a road trip from Georgia to New York, an unseen peril emerges that grows stronger with each passing mile.

Judging from the trailer, What Lies Ahead will lean far more into thriller territory than the horror genre, but there’s also a touch of dark comedy. I think it looks like a lot of fun. It’s difficult to get a good understanding of what’s going on in the trailer, but it’s bluntly obvious that Rumer Willis’s character, Raven, has a dangerous and deadly side, and her passenger in the car, Jessica, is directly in the line of fire.

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what lies ahead
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