[TRAILER] Things Take a Sinister Turn When JOSIE Moves to Town

The first trailer for the Southern-set drama thriller Josie was just released, and we have it here for you now! In the trailer, above, Josie (Sophie Turner) moves to a small Southern town and brings along with her the tagline “the past never dies”. In a smart move, the trailer doesn’t give away much plot detail. Instead, viewers are left feeling intrigued as to what is really going on.

Synopsis via Rotten Tomatoes:


The residents of a small, southern town are forever changed when the tattooed, sweet-talking stranger Josie (Sophie Turner) struts into town. Striking up relationships with a local young punk Marcus (Jack Kilmer) and her loner neighbor Hank (Dylan McDermott), she quickly becomes a hot topic of local gossip. But her true intentions for arriving in town are far more sinister when her dark past comes to light.

Josie, originally titled Hunstville, stars Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), Dylan McDermott (The Messengers), Jack Kilmer (the upcoming Lords of Chaos), and Daeg Faerch (Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake). The film is the latest from Madison County and Contracted director Eric England. Josie was written by Anthony Ragnone II, and Ash Sarohia served as executive producer. Josie is currently set for a US release on March 16th. Read on for the official poster which promises “secrets will come to light”, and be sure to check out the above trailer. I’ve watched it twice already, and the jump scare at the end has gotten me both times!

The imagery and tone give the impression that Josie viewers are in for something along the lines of a Deep South version of the Alicia Silverstone starrer, The Crush. Personally, I can’t wait for this. I like the cast. I like the director. And I like the setting. Really, it’s right up my alley. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Bryce Gibson

Bryce Gibson writes fiction that takes readers to charming and often times sinister areas of The South. He is the author of two teen thrillers, The Reading Buddy and Perennials. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and their dog. To find out more, please visit his website BryceGibsonWriter.com