After a string of recent social media related horror and thriller movies like Unfriended (2014), Unfriended: Dark Web (2018), Friend Request (2016), and Searching (2018), it was only a matter of time until we got one that focuses on an increasingly popular way of posting online, “going live”. Simply titled Live, the new film recently dropped a full trailer and we have it here for you now. From the trailer we are able to get a good idea of the film being a cross between the social media and found footage sub genres of horror.



The concept for the film’s plot is simple. Lead character Linda Johnson posts on Facebook Live and someone dangerous takes notice. The idea of unwanted attention from a Facebook Live post is perfect for a stalker based story and the trailer makes it appear that the film will touch on some other timely and hot-button issues as well. According to the synopsis that’s located on the film’s official website, Linda‘s abduction is streamed live and viewers are then presented with interviews and security camera footage as detectives begin to unravel her disappearance. You can check out Live‘s official website,, by clicking here.


Live stars Kellie Greene, Eddie B. Hill, and Asante Jones. The film was written and directed by Michael Greene. Live is Greene’s feature directorial debut. The film is being distributed by Freestyle Digital Media and is currently available for pre-order via iTunes with worldwide availability on September 28th.

In my opinion, the film looks more like an investigative thriller than a straight horror movie. What do you think about the trailer? Do you think it looks like a worthy addition to the popular sub genres or has the social media/found footage style of horror already run its course? Let us know what YOU think via the social media links below!