Over the past few weeks, horror’s Godfather of Gore, Tom Savini (From Dusk til Dawn, Night of the Living Dead) has been teasing a new project. First speculated as a new film, Flicker is a web series collaboration between Savini’s special effects program and George A. Romero’s filmmaking program at the Douglas Education Center. Savini has been pretty secretive of the project, but recently took to Twitter to drop the first teaser for Flicker.

The web series teaser has an old, classic feel to it. It looks like the web series will be silent films evident by lack of dialogue. There are glimpses of different characters and the series will be directed by multiple directors (including Romero’s daughter Tina Romero), perhaps hinting at a V/H/S style anthology. Not much else is known, but if Savini is involved there is for sure going to be some wild special FX.


Tom Savini hasn’t been as active on film projects in recent years, so it’s exciting to see the legend back in action. It’s also super cool seeing Savini working with his students on a project, a whole new level to their educational experience. Savini is very involved in his program at DEC, helping shepherd young talent into the horror genre. In a film landscape growing more saturated with CGI and less practical effects, it’s important that projects like this are seen and celebrated, keeping the beautiful art alive. There’s not a lot of information on the future of Flicker, not even a release date, but Savini is very active on Twitter and I’m sure will keep teasing there. Actor Jason Baker tweeted a little info on Savini’s segment:

Had a blast being directed by for a new web series. Imagine Oldboy shot as a silent film starring Lon Chaney Sr. It’s violent AF!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds pretty dang cool! Follow Nightmare on Film Street (and Tom Savini) on Twitter to hear more about the project as it unfolds!