TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3 Adds New Co-Star

The first season of True Detective was my favorite season of television ever. The combination of beautiful yet menacing bayou-scenery, cult-inspired ritual murder and the toll the case took on it’s lead characters made it into a near-pefect season of television and a cultural phenomenon. This may seem scandalous, but in my eyes it even ranks above the massively influential fifth season of Muppet Babies (I have, and will always contend that MB could have used more smoking-Matthew McConaughey and serial murder).

News has been coming out pretty steadily about the upcoming third season of the show, and all things have been pointing toward a positive return to glory. To continue that trend, we learned in an article from Deadline that Stephen Dorff (he of Blade and e-cigarette commercial fame) will be joining the cast for the new season.


Stephen Dorff joins True Detective season 3

We knew that it was going to be an anthology series, but the changes the second season of True Detective made caused a lot of fans to abandon the show. It traded the entire feel of the first season for a cop-drama reminiscent of The Wire. I still think it was very good, but it was too much of a departure for die hard fans of season one. Luckily for them (and for us all) it looks like the third season of the show will be much more like the first, with Dorff joining Oscar Winner Mahershala Ali as Arkansas State Investigators as they try to solve a “macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods”.

The third season will be entirely written by show creator Nic Pizzolatto and will be directed by Green Room‘s Jeremy Saulnier and Pizzolatto. The second season of the show definitely missed the eye of season one’s director Cary Fukunaga, but with the talented Saulnier on board, hopefully we will see a return to form for the hit show. Keep an eye on Nightmare on Film Street and we will update you with any information as it becomes available. Also, join our official Facebook Group and let us know what you think!

Mahershala Ali, seen here in MOONLIGHT, will join Stephen Dorff in True Detective season 3

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