Back over Labour Day weekend, all the fun and nostalgia of Twin Peaksquarter-century-in-the-making return to TV came to an unceremonious end. It goes without saying that a lot of people had a problem with the way the series concluded. David Lynch and his cast and crew clearly had no interest in doing something conventional, which is probably why the general reaction was swift and somewhat negative when the 18th and final episode rolled credits. Worse still, Lynch was immediately cagey about there being more Twin Peaks, but might that be changing?


In an expansive interview with The Hollywood Reporter on his work with Twin Peaks, the series’ co-creator was asked about the meaning of the show’s ambiguous finale. For instance, was Agent Cooper’s attempt to save Laura Palmer via time travel, and the discovery that something went terribly wrong, a cliffhanger, or was Lynch aiming for something more philosophical?

“I don’t really say things like that. But you know, I always say that there should be some room to dream.”

So how about some more Twin Peaks? What would it take for Lynch and co-creator/co-writer Mark Frost to carry on?

I don’t know. It’s too early to say that right now.

So he’s saying there’s a chance?

I’ve learned never say never.

While Lynch maybe willing to keep Twin Peaks going, it might be tricky without several key players. Since production wrapped on the recent series, Catherine Coulson (Margaret “Log Lady” Lanterman) lost her fight with cancer, as did Miguel Ferrer (FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield), while Warren Frost (Dr. William Hayward) died at 91 after a long, undisclosed ailment. Since the show aired, Harry Dean Stanton (Carl), has also passed away. Now death is not *exactly* an impediment on Twin Peaks. After all, Agent Phillip Jeffries had a big role in the relaunched Peaks despite the fact that his portrayer, David Bowie, died long before the series began production.

So mortality’s got to to top of mind for Lynch, who himself is 71. Having said that though, the legendary Robert Altman worked right up to the end when he died at the age of 81, so if Lynch and Frost have an idea that’s difficult to resist, then don’t be surprised if they push ahead with more Twin Peaks. If they do though, don’t be shocked if the enduring mysteries of Twin Peaks.. like what happened to Audrey, and the mysterious hum in Ben Horne’s office, never get answered.