Even before I knew who Jason, Freddy, or Michael Myers were, I loved monsters. The monsters I loved, in particular, were the black and white ones. I adored the distinct costuming of the Invisible Man, the creepy elegance of Dracula, Lon Chaney Jr.‘s beastly brilliance as the Wolf Man. In those movies, I found worlds that haunted and amazed me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the horror movies of today. But nothing will ever hold the place in my heart that the Universal Monster crew does. Which is why I was thrilled to hear that the Universal Monsters are headed to an epic, 30-film blu-ray collection.

Previously, Universal has released individual “Legacy Collections” centered around each respective monster, but this will be the first time the majority if their classics are together in one Blu-ray collection. Of course, this collection features staples like Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, and The Mummy. But the list is from over. Stellar sequels and legacy films like Son of Dracula, Revenge of the Creature, and Invisible Agent show up too. And for the real fans out there, this collection even features the Abbott and Costello Meet series. Honestly, a collection with just that series would be worth your money, even more so if it features all the movie those slapstick comedies were spoofing. The Universal Monster collection is available August 28th, but you can head to Amazon and pre-order right now.

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If you’ve been visiting Nightmare in Film Street for a while, then you already know how much we love our Universal Monsters. But if you’re new here, and you love these horror classics like we do, you are in for a treat. Many treats, actually. For example, Jae Prowse went in-depth for a retrospective on Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Then there was that time Heather Powderly wrote a love letter to The Bride of Frankenstein. Frankenstein not your thing? Then you can’t pass up on Stephanie Cole’s look back at Creature from the Black Lagoon, especially if you’ve got hots for gill-man post-Shape of Water. If you’ve already read all of those, why not head over to our Facebook or Twitter pages? Universal Horror is always in fashion over there.

And for all your horror entertainment news, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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