One of the best aspects about the internet is the surprises that are constantly being shared that we, otherwise, would have never laid our eyes on. For horror lovers, some of those surprises come in the form of never-before-seen behind the scenes effects shots shared by their creators. One of the most recent surprises comes from a member of Jason X‘s special effects team, Damon Bishop. Recently on his Instagram, Bishop shared a few snapshots from the makeup department of Jason X that he worked on. They give us a few Xtra (nah?) looks that are definitely nifty to check out.

The first photo that we come upon on his timeline is that of Kane Hodder, sans mask, wearing the head cap with the spotted hair that we see on Jason. Bishop says in a comment that Hodder found this to be one of the easiest headpieces that he had ever worn for Jason. Bishop goes on to explain that this was an easy application as well as clean up.


In Jason X, we are privy to what’s under Jason‘s mask for only a second as soon to be doomed Adrienne (Kristi Angus) lifts it up during the autopsy scene aboard the Grendel. If the pause button on your remote was not utilized, you didn’t really get a clean look at the effects work. “Poor baby.”


Thankfully, Bishop posted profile views of both sides of head as well as on a frontal face shot of the sculpt used as Jason’s deformed, battered, and rejuvenated (we learned he could do that in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) face before he was frozen, melted, and had his mask cut away.



Although we never saw this version of the sculpt, Bishop wishes that we had, and follows it up with drowning the hopes of it ever seeing the light of day.

It could have used more screen time. A lot of these older pieces were made out of tin silicone and over catalyzed, they don’t generally have a long library life … but as far as I know none of these pieces were saved.


Whilst checking within the comments of one of those above posts, Bishop suggests looking a little farther back for the one actually used in the scene with Adrienne after she cuts away his mask, and lifts it up.



Yep, that’s the bad boy that we saw in the film.

On the same day that he posted this piece, he posted a few other shots including a full body sculpt of frozen Jason with and without mask and some shots of an UberJason sculpt.

To see more of Damon Bishop’s FX work, including familiar pieces from The Strain, the Leper from 2018’s IT, Mary Shaw from Dead Silence, and his personal work, head over to Bishop’s Instagram.