Vampyr (1932), the iconic horror film from Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer, just got a special edition Blu-Ray release! The Criterion Collection, known for giving the premium Blu-Ray treatment to classic, art house and foreign films, have turned to the German language Vampire movie for their next release.


A drifter obsessed with the supernatural stumbles upon an inn where a severely ill adolescent girl is slowly becoming a vampire.

While not as iconic as its Universal Monster movie contemporaries, Vampyr is legendary among horror fans for its haunting, nightmarish atmosphere. Dreyer was a master of mood, and he poured all his talents into Vampyr. The result is film full of chilling images that are unsettling even by today’s standards.

The film is famous for its special effects and camera tricks that still impress and frighten to this day. If uncanny horror is your favorite brand of scares, you have Vampyr to thank for that!


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The Blu Ray features an HD digital transfer of the 1998 restoration by Martin Koerber and the Cineteca di Bologna.

Bonus Features Include:

  • Audio commentary from 2008 featuring film scholar Tony Rayns
  • Carl Th. Dreyer, a 1966 documentary by Jørgen Roos chronicling Dreyer’s career
  • Video essay by scholar Casper Tybjerg on Dreyer’s influences in creating Vampyr
  • Radio broadcast from 1958 of Dreyer reading an essay about filmmaking
  • A booklet featuring essays by critics Mark Le Fanu and Kim Newman, a piece by Koerber on the restoration, and a 1964 interview with producer and actor Nicolas de Gunzburg, as well as a book (Blu-ray only) featuring Dreyer and Christen Jul’s original screenplay and Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 story “Carmilla,” a source for the film

Vampyr on Blu-Ray is available today from the Criterion Collection.

Are you a fan of Vampyr‘s dreamlike horror? Will you check out the film on Blu-Ray? Let us know in the comments!


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