Venom hype has hit an all time high. Fans of the symbiote superhero have been clamoring for news since Tom Hardy was announced as the film’s lead. Marvel itself just released Edge of Venomverse, a storyline celebrating the Spider-Man anti-hero. The cast and crew of the movie have been giving us glimpses behind the scenes, and IGN recently hosted a Venom panel out of Brazil. Then at noon yesterday, Sony’s official Twitter account released this:

Well it has been a difficult twenty-four hour wait, but it’s paid off. Finally, eleven years after Spider-Man 3…did its best, we get to watch a Venom movie trailer. Check it out here!


Venom will star Hardy as Eddie Brock, who began his comic book life as a journalist and rival of Peter Parker. According to the film’s production team, that origin will change slightly. However, the film will still feature much of the same characterization of Eddie Brock. Fans were excited to learn that the film’s narrative takes inspiration from Marvel’s Venom: Lethal Protector storyline, which is widely considered one of the best Venom stories in comics. Horror fans were especially excited to learn that the film will lean into the scarier aspects of Venom’s character, featuring David Cronenberg and John Carpenter-esque visuals. The movie is set to be a dark look at the cost of superpowers, and a welcome addition to the often sunny line-up of superhero movies. Venom hits theaters on October 5th.

What do you think of the trailer? What do you think Venom will look like once he’s finally revealed? Are you disappointed there will be no emo dance scenes in this symbiote movie?  Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook pages. And as always, stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street for all your horror movie news.


VENOM movie trailer 2018
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