THE WALKING DEAD Gets Extended Midseason Finale

The Holidays have arrived early for fans of The Walking Dead! AMC has just announced that the Season 8 mid-season finale will be gifting us with 28 extra minutes of blood and mayhem, delighting fans and advertisers across the world Even if you remove the time spent on commercials, we are are most likely getting an extra 20 minutes of action. This is universally good news, many fans are starting to get concerned for the well-being and longevity of their favorite characters.

The Walking Dead- Walker Action
“I’m Going to Eat Your Brains and Gain Your Knowledge…”

If ratings are to be believed, this season of The Walking Dead could use a shot in the arm to get things up and running again. While still an extremely successful show for AMC, this season has seen the worst viewership numbers since season 2’s much-maligned “Greene’s Farm” plot line. After being promoted with an “All Out War” poster before the season, fan expectations were high, to say the least. (Can we talk about that poster pictured above… why does it look like Negan has never held a baseball bat before? What type of grip is that, Negan?) There has been plenty of action over this season’s first four episodes, but our main characters have been relatively stagnant (why is Negan still just hanging out in a trailer?) and the already convoluted plot hasn’t progressed much. We have had four episodes of people shooting automatic rifles at each other with seemingly endless supplies of ammunition, but the horror elements of the show that drew audiences to AMC in the first place have taken a back seat.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Still of Rick and Maggie
whisper whisper, Caaaarrrrlll, whisper.”

This is a shame because we have been blessed this season with the best work yet from visual effects master Greg Nicotero and his team. There have been some truly horrifying walkers this season, only they are no longer the focus of the series. Here’s to hoping that the mid-season finale will allow the show runners some extra time to wrap-up some current story lines so we can get back to what we all love, The (actual) Walking Dead.

Check out Season 8’s mid-season finale on December 10th and let us know what you think! Keep your eyes glued to Nightmare on Film Street for updates and news about The Walking Dead when they become available. In the mean time, check out the official digital series giving you some extra details and insights about the show HERE.

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