Hope you had a happy Halloween, Fiends! The hallowed day had only just begun, and we were already getting all sorts of treats. This particular one came in the form of a teaser poster for IT Chapter 2, including the film’s release date! I think it’s safe to say we have been excited for IT Chapter 2 since the credits rolled on 2017’s smash hit, IT. We all knew Chapter 2 was coming, well before the first was even released, so it’s not like we’re supposed to be surprised. Knowing that the hype is already real, Warner Brothers decided to go the “less is more” route for the teaser poster.


There’s not much there besides the title, using the same font as the previous film. That said, we finally have a confirmed release date for the sequel, which began filming back in June. One thing to notice is IT Chapter 2 will be hitting theaters almost exactly 2 years later from the predecessor, roughly 10 months from now. Though there is little here, I think this teaser does have quite a bit to say about the upcoming project. Mainly, that this movie is going to make a lot of money.


Warner Brothers has done a fantastic job keeping this film in our minds since IT left theaters. First was the high profile casting of the adult Loser’s Club including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and Bill Hader. Then the set photos that trickled out this summer, showing they were getting right back to work. And now dropping this teaser poster 10 months before release, gets the hype train rolling  heading into the real promotional track. We’re probably still a ways out from any sort of teaser trailer, but that’s where the simplicity of the poster comes in. The whole idea behind IT is that Pennywise serves as a canvas for your personal fears and the same could be said about this teaser poster. You want to keep looking closer for something in the background or imagining what could be there but all you’re left with is a dark, black void.

Some might be underwhelmed by this teaser, but for how far out we are, I think it’s perfect. This teaser poster was also for the fans, to give us something to look forward to and get excited about on Halloween. Which says a lot about Warner Brothers’ confidence in the film, they know we are going to eat up anything they give us about IT Chapter 2. But enough games, the countdown starts now!

Now that it’s official, how excited are you for September 6th, 2019!? Come chat IT Chapter 2 with us on Twitter or Facebook, we all float down here!


it chapter 2
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