Gerald Brittle, author of The Demonologist, is suing Warner Brothers regarding the Rights and use of Ed & Lorraine Warren’s paranormal case files. Particularly, their use in the highly popular The Conjuring movie and film franchise. However, in order to win the trial, the studio must do what has yet to be done: prove the existence of ghosts.

THE CONJURING Lawsuit: Warner Bros. To Prove Existence of Ghosts?

Lorraine Warren (left), with actress Vera Farmiga, who portrays her in The Conjuring films.


The Conjuring franchise follows demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren in their toughest and most terrifying cases, and are based on the real-life accounts of the Warren’s. However, in 1980, Gerald Brittle published a book about the Warren files titled The Demonologist. This is where the problems begin.

Back in March, Brittle sued the studios for $900 million dollars, saying that they used the Warren’s experience’s without his permission; because of his book, Brittle had the rights to their stories. Everyone assumed the trail would never go to court, but U.S. District Judge John Gibney ruled that it would, in order to find the truth.

When Lorraine Warren allowed the studio to access their cases for the movies, she was in violation of an agreement previously reached with Brittle. Brittle used this argument to move the case forward, and Warner Brothers said that the movies weren’t based on his novel. In fact, they went on to claim that the movies were based on “historical facts.” Brittle then responded that ‘this couldn’t be possible because many of the Warren’s stories are actually fabricated’, according to the Warren’s many skeptics.

Now, in order to win the case, Warner Brothers must somehow prove that all of the Warren’s cases are real and actual events, essentially proving the existence of the supernatural. Now, they may be able to get around this by proving that Lorraine Warren and other’s involved in the cases truly believed they happened, regardless of if it is true or not. Today, Warner Bros. released this statement regarding the trial:

“We’re pleased the Court significantly narrowed the case and look forward to addressing the remaining claims at summary judgment… Mr. Brittle’s claims are not only without merit, but contradict Mr. Brittle’s prior admissions in other failed lawsuits concerning The Conjuring movies…”

The trial is set for April of 2018 in Virginia, and will definitely be a case to follow. Whether or not their stories are true, the Warren’s cases make for pretty terrifying movies. You can watch the latest installment in The Conjuring universe, Annabelle: Creation now in theaters, and listen to our podcast about the film here!

THE CONJURING Lawsuit: Warner Bros. To Prove Existence of Ghosts?

The Demonologist by Gerald Brittle is based on the events experienced by Ed and Lorraine Warren.