Fright-Rags, makers of some of the finest horror-themed merchandise available in the world just released a new short film that you absolutely have to see!

Have you ever wondered what happens the day after a slasher-spree? In November 1st from Fright-Rags Films and Saturday Night Rewind, you’ll see that even the greatest of us experience a bit of a Halloween hangover.


After a long night of chasing babysitters and getting SUPER stabby, Michael Myers needs to unwind. November 1st shows us exactly what it would be like for everyone’s favorite Shape as he goes about his day. He has a cup of coffee. He takes out his bloody trash. And, he has a real “Treat Yo Self” moment by grabbing a danish at Orange Glory Cafe (served to him  by none other than the legendary P.J. Soles herself). Michael then takes a stroll through a video store and then heads home to, apparently, relive his glory days through the magic of VHS.

This horror-comedy short is chock full of homages and nods to the original film, going way beyond the cameo by Ms. “Totally” herself. We see Michael give his patented head-tilt a few times, and we catch a glimpse of poor Bob‘s bespectacled ghost in the window of the cafe.

Some of the best camera work is seen after Michael leaves the video store and is on his way home. Any fan of the 1978 masterpiece by John Carpenter will love how they use the hedgerow to frame the scene. We know that we are, in fact, following a mass-murdering slasher, but we still expect something to jump out from behind the shrubs.

We here at NOFS want to commend Fright-Rags Films and we genuinely hope to see much more from them in the future. Check out November 1st above and let us know what you think!