What better way to watch the classic shark movie Jaws than on a floatie, holding a cold beer? Alamo Drafhouse agrees, so they’re bringing back their Jaws On the Water event. They’ll be co-hosting screenings every weekend this summer with Volente Beach Resort, starting on June 8. Don’t worry, that wasn’t a shark that touched your foot; it was just a stranger falling off their inner tube.

From June 8 until August 17 (excluding the weekend of July 6), Volente Beach Resort in Austin, TX will host the screenings, putting a new spin on the drive-in. The tickets will include full access to the resort, a keepsake inner tube (you can see last year’s design here), and a spot at the screening. So before you even get to watch the movie, hop on their lazy river, take a trip down their water slides, and more. This is the resort’s fifth year hosting the event. They also did a similar swimming showing of The Meg last summer!


If you aren’t familiar with Jaws (who wronged you?), the Steven-Spielberg-directed creature feature follows police chief Martin Brody (Roy Schneider) who tries to protect the beach town of Amity Island after a slew of shark attacks. As the bodies pile up, Brody enlists the help of an aged fisherman (Robert Shaw) and a shark scientist (Richard Dreyfuss) to figure out what exactly they’re dealing with. Well, these attacks aren’t by just any shark: they’re dealing with a monstrous great white.

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Nothing could be better than watching great white shark action than dangling your feet in a pool. Jaws is a summer classic and should be enjoyed in the most summer-tastic way possible: surrounded by horror lovers, drinking beer, and reveling in a balmy summer night. And to top it all off, the night will end with a firework display. It would be perfect if the fireworks started as soon Brody shoots the gas tank in the shark’s mouth, but that’s just my two cents.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet, but if you’re in Austin this summer, I think I know where you’ll be headed. Would you watch Jaws on the water? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!


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