It’s been an exciting year for horror fans with the return of marathon host Joe Bob Briggs, and 2019 is looking to top an already impressive run. Joe Bob has been waxing film-sphical in a handful of record-breaking specials, but it was recently announced that the Drive-In will become a weekly program on everyone’s favourite streaming service, Shudder. I don’t know if that news excites you as much as it excites me, but having a weekly sit down with Joe Bob is better than any church service or therapy session I’ve already crossed off my day planner.  

Though there has been no official announcement, Drive-In regular Diana Prince (better known as Darcy The Mail Girl) recently tweeted the good news in response to a fans eager for more Joe Bob. There is still time for plans to change but at the very least, we know there is more Drive-In just down the road and that is plenty to be excited for.



Beginning back in July with a 24 hour marathon on Friday The 13th, Joe Bob has since hosted the Thanksgiving Dinners of Death special, and will soon return with A Very Joe Bob Christmas December 21st. The lineup for A Very Joe Bob Christmas is still unknown, but we recently learned that the marathon would include 4 films from a single franchise. We’ll have to wait and see just what Joe Bob and Shudder have in store, but it’s probably safe to assume you’ll be in for a silent, bloody night. If you catch my drift.

What do you think will be included in the Very Joe Bob Christmas lineup? How many Krampus films have there been anyway? Pretty sure last time I checked at Wal-Mart there were at least 167. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Reddit, and in the Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook.


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