There was a lot to love for last year’s Aquaman. But why are we telling you that? James Wan’s Aquaman wasn’t exactly a horror movie, so what gives? Well, though the movie was definitely a light-hearted fantasy action flick throughout, there was one particular part that was especially gratifying for horror fans. We’re speaking, of course, about The Trench, a lost kingdom of Atlantis inhabited entirely by Lovecraftian fish monsters. The eerie and otherworldy encounter Mera and Aquaman had with these fish creatures pleased horror and comic book fans alike, and it looks like Warner Bros. is cashing in on that fact. A horror-focused Aquaman spinoff, focused on The Trench, is coming to a theater near you.

This news comes to us via the good folks at the Hollywood Reporter. According to their article, this film will be different in tone from the bright, CGI-driven fantasy of Aquaman. It is “horror-tinged,” says the piece, to be written by new horror writers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald. The film will have a smaller budget than last December’s blockbuster, and is currently simply going by the name The Trench. The comics-inspired creature feature will be set in the lost kingdom of the Trench, and reportedly will not feature any of the major Aquaman characters. James Wan, director of both Aquaman and The Conjuring, will serve as producer.


There’s no word yet on when horror fans can expect to see The Trench in theaters, but we’ll keep you updated as the project progresses. For more discussion on the project, be sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are a ton of James Wan fans on there, who will no doubt have something to say. And for all your horror movie news, reviews, and interviews, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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