The late George A. Romero is best known for revolutionizing the zombie sub-genre, as well as for some groundbreaking classic horror like Season of the Witch (1973), Martin (1978), and Monkey Shines (1988). Thankfully, by the grace of our cosmic overlord, it seems as if we may be getting a previously unreleased Romero film The Amusement Park! This news seems to be confirmed from two sources: Romero’s wife, and author Daniel Kraus.

The Spectacle Theater describes The Amusement Park as, “An elderly gentlemen sets out for what he thinks will be a normal day at an amusement park and is soon embroiled in a waking nightmare the likes of which you’ve never seen! When we say that, we mean it.”


Romero’s wife Suzanne Desrocher-Romero stated in an interview:

“We have a film that he shot in 1973 that most people haven’t seen. A handful of people have seen this film,” Desrocher admitted. “We’re gonna restore it, and we’re gonna show it to Romero cinephiles. It’s a scary movie, but it’s not a horror movie, and it’s about ageism. Anyway, he has a cameo in it, and it’ll be fun. And we’ll show the movie, or get it distributed. It’ll be a project that the foundation’s gonna do. I think it’s the first project we’re gonna do actually.”


On the other hand…Daniel Kraus’ reaction on Twitter to this film is remarkable:

So, where does this leave us? We have a previously unreleased Romero film that is being gushed over by an incredible author who, as it seems, will do anything to make sure The Amusement Park makes the light of day. Kraus even alludes to being open to the idea of kickstarter/crowdfunding the release of this. Based off of the few images Kraus tweeted of this film it looks gnarly, and that’s being conservative.

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What’re your thoughts on Romero’s long-lost hellish nightmare PSA? If it’s released would you go see it? Let us know on Twitter or in the Horror Fiends Facebook Group!


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