Fans of the Australian horror classic Wolf Creek rejoice! Season one of the television show based on the 2005 film is now available to stream on Shudder.

The six episode first season of Wolf Creek was filmed in 2016 as an original series for the Australian streaming service Stan. Lionsgate picked up the rights to broadcast the show in the North American and Latin American markets. This may news to some of you, because it was only broadcast on Pop TV, a basic-cable and satellite joint venture between CBS and Lionsgate. Not many horror fans caught it in its original run on Pop, so we were ecstatic to learn that Shudder picked up the exclusive rights to stream the show in North America.


John Jarratt in Wolf Creek Season 1

Mick Taylor Can’t Wait to Get to Murderin’ in Season One of Wolf Creek

According to the Pop website:

The story of Wolf Creek begins when an American family on vacation in Northern Australia becomes the unsuspecting target of Mick Taylor, a sadistic serial killer who hunts and kills tourists in the Outback. The sole survivor is Eve Thorogood, a college student, who vows to bring the murderer to justice or die in the attempt. Wolf Creek reveals Eve’s complex and extraordinary journey, traveling every step of the way as she evolves from child to adult, from prey to predator. But can she triumph over evil incarnate?

Reprising his role as the Outback’s premier serial killer is John Jarratt, who electrified audiences all over the world with his performance in the first two films. He has just the right balance of menace and believe-ability to leave a lasting impression on everyone that sees the films. In a show filled with dirty and threatening people, Jarratt stands out as the baddest man in a world full of bad men.

Lucy Fry in Wolf Creek

Lucy Fry is out for revenge as Eve Thorogood in Wolf Creek

Hot at the Shop:

Hot at the Shop:

The first season may have its issues (I’m not sure any of the writers had ever met an American, let alone heard how one speaks), but damn do the directors (Tony Tilse for episodes 1-5 and Greg McLean for the finale) know how to compose a shot! Few shows available right now look better than Wolf Creek. The show is filled with shot after shot of incredible cinematography and gorgeous sun-bleached visages of the barren Australian outback. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised and the insane quality of the camera work, and I know you will be, too.

Check out the first season of Wolf Creek on Shudder and let us know what you think! The second season is currently in production, so follow us here at Nightmare on Film Street for updates on when and where you can catch it.