The Venom trailer dropped last week, and fans were, well, confused. Usually this would be the time to put up a BEWARE OF SPOILERS warning but honestly? There wasn’t that much to spoil. Watch the trailer and see what we mean:

In the trailer, we get very few hints at the plot, and the symbiote anti-hero itself only makes an appearance as Eddie Brock, his human alter ego. Some fans liked the lack of detail. After all, weren’t the Batman v. Superman trailers criticized for showing too much? Other fans, well… Other fans wanted to see Venom. Both sides, however, agreed on one thing: Venom is playing it pretty close to the chest.


Yesterday we got a hint at just how close they’re playing it. Although long rumored to be in the movie, the character of Carnage hasn’t been confirmed or officially cast to our knowledge. For a while it seemed that The Night Of star Riz Ahmed might be playing Venom’s psychopathic counterpart, but then those rumors were put to rest. Ahmed will be playing Dr. Carlton Drake, a scientist that studies the Venom symbiote. This leaves Carnage in the film, but without an actor behind the suit. According to an article on That Hashtag Show, , Carnage might be played by none other than…Woody Harrelson.

Variety confirmed that Harrelson would be in the movie last December. Until now, we’ve heard nothing about his potential role. You can read the full report on Carnage’s role in the film, but beware: there really are spoilers in this article. Anyone wishing to keep their surprise at the events of the film should be careful. Venom hits theaters October 5th, 2018.

What do you think of the casting rumors? Would Woody Harrelson give us a good foil to Tom Hardy’s monstrous superhero? What other secrets is Venom hiding? Let us know what you think on our official Facebook page, or give us a shout out on Twitter. And for all your Venom movie news, stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street.

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