Iconic wrestler Chris Jericho has joined Kevin Smith’s new horror anthology Kilroy Was Here.


Confirmed on Smith’s Instagram , Jericho has bagged himself a role in  Kilroy Was Here. Smith describes Jericho’s role as “a nasty-ass South Florida streamer”. Smith elaborates more on the project via his Facebook page.

“Over the course of three trips to Sarasota, we’ve been making a modern-day Creepshow kinda flick with 70% of the crew being students so filled with raw talent, their pure passion for film and ability to find fixes to production problems makes up for any deficit of experience. Every crew member wears multiple hats on a low budget film – so last night when Jericho got to set, I asked the master podcaster and WWE icon to not only act but also operate the camera for himself in his scene as well!”

So Jericho is not only starring in the film but also stepped behind the camera. Maybe the prolific workaholic Jericho is looking for another creative string to his bow?


What is Kilroy Was Here?

Starting life as Smith’s much mooted Krampus film, the project instead morphed into a creature-feature anthology named Kilroy Was Here. The title references the popular expression used by American G.I’s during WWII. The film’s executive producer Andrew McElfresh co-wrote the script with Smith. This  marks the first occasion Smith has collaborated on the writing of one of his projects. Alongside Jericho, the project has cast Azita Ghanizada (Blood Shot), Ryan O’Nan (The Iceman), Kathryn Parks (Ghosts), Brendan Ragen, Michael Perez (Insatiable)  and Cindy De La Cruz.

I am a lifelong fan of Kevin Smith, professional wrestling and in particular – the work of Chris Jericho. It’s safe to say this news to me is incredible. It has certainly driven my anticipation of this project sky-high. Kilroy Was Here has yet to receive a release date.

What do you think of this news? Any Jerichoholics marking out right now? Sound off on Twitter, Facebook and via our Reddit feed.


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