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Nightmare on Film Street is the Home of Horror to over two-hundred-and-fifty thousand horror fiends! 

Our mantra is ‘Horror for the Casually obsessed’ in that our outlet is for every horror fan – serious or casual, trivia champ or imdb peruser. We exist to recommend and champion the films we discover, and the films we love. Never to isolate, alienate, or make anyone feel like less of a film fanatic.

This is our community, our FIEND CLUB, and we’d like to invite you to celebrate along with us!

Read below how to pitch us, or maybe even join our ranks as a Columnist or regular Contributor!


Nightmare on Film Street is a hub for horror addicts, enthusiasts, and casual creeps. We’re inclusive of all humans, monsters, and sub-genres.

Pitch Us

Got an idea for a column or editorial perfect for Nightmare on Film Street? Send us your pitch! Please include as much detail as possible, and don’t be afraid to tell us a little about yourself; both as a horror fan and a journalist! Pitches can be sent directly to our inbox, at [email protected]

join the team

The Nightmare on Film Street Contributor team create articles and content for our community of Horror fans, addicts, and casual creeps. Our writers are encouraged to discuss their passions; with columns, retrospectives, and reviews geared to each individual writer’s interests, knowledge, and strengths. 

We keep a very tight group of active, positive, and engaged writers who complete a different volume of articles per month, requiring a minimum time commitment of 10+ hours per month or so.

All of our columnists have access to our remote workstation for chats, pitches, meetings, and our detailed resource guide to make the writing process simple and streamlined!

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  • An interest, immersion, and enthusiasm for the horror genre + community, including an active internet presence and keeping up on the latest horror news and releases
  • A functioning knowledge of journalism and writing for the internet. Grammar, Punctuation, Sentence Structure, Spelling, and the ability to *Proofread* are essential. Prior blogging experience a plus!
  • Availability to allot the minimum time commitment required for this position of 10+ hours per month.
  • Required to contribute a minimum of 2-3 articles per month, consistently. Editorials include retrospectives, interviews, reviews, list-style posts,  etc. Open to monthly columns!
  • Contributors must join and actively participate at our remote workstation; a hub to pick up assignments, pitch ideas, brainstorm fun/freaky articles, and prevent overlap of content.
  • Must be a team player – able and interested in interacting with our community; cross-promoting and actively engaging with NOFS, fellow Contributors, and Fiends (fans) on social media on a consistent basis.
Write For Us
Write For Us
Write For Us

Compensation & PERKS:

As Nightmare on Film Street is still a fledgling endeavor, we provide many perks in addition to our ever-expanding compensation package that will grow alongside our outlet. We foster a great and positive community experience for growing and budding journalists, as well as those in the horror community looking to grow their online presence – no matter what brings them here. We currently have Published Authors, Screenwriters, fellow Podcasters, Bloggers, and Youtubers on the Contributor team! 

    • New! We provide a revenue share;  we split adsense revenue from any advertisements displayed on articles you’ve authored!
    • New! Referral compensation; every author receives a unique referral url to their articles, and are compensated for each and every view they refer! 
    • Articles are promoted on our widely popular podcast, and our social media audience of over 250K.
    • Each individual article contains an author spotlight with profile picture, bio, and social media links.
    • A great cross-promotion program of in-article content. Articles contributed remain “evergreen” – Nightmare on Film Street practices internal linking to past news articles and coverage, and highlight ‘Related Posts’ within each article to encourage readers to visit aged content. Every article you write for us lives on.
    • Opportunities for free screeners, swag, and interview opportunities for Senior/Standout Contributors.
    • Opportunities to attend events and festivals to cover on Nightmare on Film Street’s behalf for Senior/Standout Contributors.
    • A dedicated Nightmare on Film Street email address for regular Contributors.
    • Join an active and enthusiastic team who are passionate about horror. We support each other – whether it’s promoting each other’s articles, checking out side projects (read: stalking your personal Instagram/Twitters), or simply being there for the icky personal stuff.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Columnist/Regular Contributor! Please note, though we do consider each and every application, due to the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to respond to each individual applicant. We invite previous applicants to re-apply using updated writing samples once per calendar month.

What types of articles are you keen on writing?