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Nightmare on Film Street is a community of  like-minded folks who love to immerse themselves in everything horror. This website is a hub for that community; providing all of the news, reviews, freaky fun, and editorials they crave. That's where you come in!

We're always on the hunt for creative perspectives from horror journalists, writers, and enthusiasts! This page contains all the information you need to understand our contributer role, and how to apply.

Contributor Application

About The Position

The contributors of Nightmare on Film Street create articles and content on the website for our community of Horror fans.

  • The minimum time commitment required for this position is 10-20 hours per month, and a minimum of 1 hour per week.
  • Contributors are required to submit at least  1 NEWS (300+ words) style post per week. News posts include Trailers, Release Information, Poster Art, Distribution News, Box Office Numbers, etc.
  • Contributors are required to submit at least 1 EDITORIAL (1000+ words) style post per month.  Editorial posts include Reviews, List-Style Posts, Re-Visits, Creepypasta Stories, Compilations, etc.
  • Contributors must join and actively participate in the Horror Writers of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook Group to pitch ideas, brainstorm fun/freaky articles, and prevent overlap of content. 

This position is unpaid, but offers many opportunities for self promotion; 

  • Articles are promoted on our widely popular podcast, and our social media audience of over 50K.
  • Each individual's post contains an author spotlight with profile picture, bio, and social media links. This creates high quality backlinks for your sites and can direct your readership towards personal projects.
  • Opportunities for free screeners and swag for standout Contributors.
  • Opportunities to attend events and festivals to cover on Nightmare on Film Street's behalf for standout Contributors.
  • Our most active contributors are eligible for the Top Contributor of the Month designation which includes dedicated section of the website and extended social media promotion.