It may feel like you’re treading water right now. Like you’re neck-deep and sinking fast, with no sign of help in sight. A monster, bigger and meaner than anything you’ve ever seen is circling all around you, just waiting for you to let your guard down so it can sink its teeth and drag you down. It may feel like a global crisis, like all the world is at stake, like every single decision you make is life or death, but you’re wrong – It’s Prom Season! It’s also Aquatic Horror Season ..because at this High School Horror Hoedown, we’ve got bigger monsters to deal with than that annoying voice inside your head that keeps trying to make you believe the world is ending.

This month at Nightmare on Film Street we’re diving deep into the horrors of high school and zipping up the backs of our dresses scuba suits. We’re swimming with the sharks at the cool kids table and taking a deep breath before asking that special underwater monster we’ve had our one on to save that last dance for us. We’re all familiar with the horrors of outer space, and the fear of the unknown lurking in the deep dark recesses of that deadly no man’s land, but the real danger is here with us right now. That sentiment may feel more true than ever, but pandemics aside – there is no scarier time in your life than those embarrassing, emotionally fragile (hormone-fueled) teenage years. And regardless of what monster you’re imagination can create to fill the night’s sky, there are very real monsters digging a watery grave for you right now, just below sea level.



Coming this May, it’s a double-bills of evil at Nightmare on Film Street. We’re bringing you a boatload of bullies and pranks-gone-wrong, and enough water-breathing monster to fill a high school gymnasium! We’re fixing our sights on Aquatic Horror and Prom Panic in our Enchantment Under The Sea monthly theme. Our editorial staff are bringing their unique perspectives to these respective subgenres to analyze and interpret those inescapable fears that await all brave enough to tread water in the deep end. If you’ve ever wondered what you’re supposed to do when your boyfriend comes back from the dead, Bryce Gibson’s Teen Terrors column has all your tip on battling those first-date-with-a-zombie jitters. Looking for a low-key monster movie to make a big splash at your next Quarantine watch party? Mary Beth McAndrews‘ is here to tell you all about the wet & wild weirdness of The Siren (2020), now streaming on Shudder!


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But that’s just the tip of this glitter-splattered pontoon boat! We can’t wait to share our favorite Friday The 13th fan theories with you in celebration of Mothers’ Day, and 5 Mexican Horror Picks to ring in Cinco de Mayo in style. We’re returning to Nuke Em High to analyze punk culture, singing our bloody hearts out to Carrie: The Musical and, putting the science of 47 Meters Down under a microscope in this month’s Science of the Scare! 



Whether you’re counting down the hours on a raft as a sentient oil slick threatens to eat you alive, or you’re about to drop a bucket of blood on this year’s Prom Queen, we want to hear from you! What are your favorite prom horrors? Maybe you want to share a prom horror story of your own?? Let us know all about the underwater monsters that still plague your dream at night. We want to know what movies kept you on the shore last summer while the rest of your family splashed around on the beach, taunting the hungry killing-machines laying in wait beneath them.

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