A shocking new teaser trailer for The Nun  rustled up controversy on YouTube over the weekend. Appearing before non-horror related content, terrified viewers took to the Twittersphere in droves to voice their disgust with the ad.

The 5-second teaser begins with the image of an iPhone volume control being reduced, baiting viewers into raising their volume—and that’s when she gets you! Suddenly Valak, the titular demonic nun, appears on-screen accompanied by a startling scream. It’s definitely not not a bootleg upload of that very trailer we’ve linked below. . .




Scary Pranks

If this teaser seems familiar, that’s probably because it is. It harkens back only a decade or two to a fun little viral craze of “shock” videos. In these videos, the viewer would be instructed to concentrate closely on the screen. While trying to find the supposed ghost in the far away doorway, a demonic figure would suddenly scream in your face.

This jump-scare gimmick may seem a little “old-hat” to us aficionados of terror, but it’s important to remember that not everyone is as twisted as we are. YouTube responded to complaints about the video, stating “This ad violates our shocking content policy and it’s no longer running as an ad.”

Sadly this hilariously sinister bit of advertising was not met by the applause it deserves. It will, however, be far more effective now than its critics may realize. We horror junkies love a little bit of controversy and danger. Our ears perk up when we hear about an audience member fainting or viewers walking out in disgust. Rather than disappearing into obscurity, this 5-second teaser is now emblazoned across the internet along with the words “too scary”. I’ve already watched it countless times.

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Directed by Corin Hardy (The Hallows), The Nun stars Taissa Farmiga (The Final Girls) and Bonnie Aarons (The Conjuring 2). The film hits theaters September 7th. Stay tuned to Nightmare on Film Street for more demonic nun news. Also, be sure to check out the full trailer as well as our coverage of the trailer breakdown.


the nun
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