The simple joys of a Yule Log video are undeniable. It’s comfortably dim, the colors are never garish. The fireplace crackle is smooth and melodic, perfect for drifting off to sleep. It’s a Christmas tradition that makes us feel at home and, on an emotional level, safe.

As horror fans, that is something we just can’t abide.


So let’s all raise a cup of Christmas cheer to filmmaker Edmond Hawkins, who’s provided us with something truly special in The Hawkins Family Yule Log. The video tells the story of a holiday family gathering that accidentally turns demonic, all woven into an actual Yule Log video. That’s right; at no point in this film does the camera move from the fireplace. It’s always there in the background, steadily crackling as blood and Hellfire rain around it. Just like when we were kids, right?

The plot of the video doesn’t get started until about thirty-seven minutes in. This means that for a while, the audience really is just staring at a Yule Log. But when the story does begin, it doesn’t take long to get dark. There’s a gruesome history to the Hawkins household, a Book of Forbidden Knowledge hidden above the titular fireplace, and a grandmother that can most kindly be described as a genuine psychopath. In the pauses between plot points, the camera dutifully stays on the log, sometimes for a solid couple of minutes. This means the story can move a little slow, but it also means Hawkins is committed. He promises a horror-infused Yule Log video, and he delivers one.

You can watch the entirety of The Hawkins Family Yule Log here. Make sure to subscribe to Edmond Hawkins’s YouTube page for more videos like it.


What other holiday traditions do you think could use a little horror? Which horror movies could use a bit more Christmas? Isn’t the concept of infinity demonstrated by ever-looping Yule Log videos more terrifying than any horror our tiny mortal brains can fathom much less imagine? Join our Facebook page to let us know!