AMC’s new supernatural horror drama NOS4A2 has started to take shape, with the first casting details revealed.

Zachary Quinto will be playing the lead antagonist Charlie Manx, a seductive vampire that lures children into his ‘38 Rolls-Royce with the promise of taking them to a place called ‘Christmasland’. As you may suspect, there is no Miracle on 34th Street and instead, he is feasting on their souls with ghoulish glee. As we already know from his track record, Quinto definitely sells a good dark maniacal character. Especially after the role he played as Sylar for the science fiction series Heroes (2006–2010) and his recent Emmy nominated performance in the series American Horror Story: Asylum


Joining Quinto in this dark serial will be Ashleigh Cummings (Pork Pie). Cummings will be starring in AMC’s NOS4A2 as the young Vic McQueen. McQueen has the ability to find lost objects by using a mysterious bridge that will transport her to wherever the object that she’s looking for has been hiding. While she is out upon one of her searches, she crosses paths with Charles Manx. From there she will have to try to use her supernatural ability she possesses in an effort to track Manx. Her character can be briefly described in comparison to Captain Ahab of Moby Dick, lost in an obsessive search to slay the heinous creature.

NOS4A2 is based on the bestselling writer Joe Hill’s novel of the same name. It is kind of touching seeing Hill, Stephen King’s son bringing us his own fresh unique twisted tale of Innocence lost. A theme we can certainly note that his father explored horrifically well.

 NOS4A2 is being produced through AMC Studios in association with Michael Eisner’s Tornante Television and the series will be created by Jami O’Brien (Fear The Walking Dead) who will be serving as showrunner. As of now, the shows launch premiere looks all set for 2019. Tune in for more updates as they roll in!


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