With the prospect of a new Universal Theme park sprouting up in Orlando, there are rumors abound as to what guests could be in for. The best rumor currently making the rounds is that a Universal Classic Monsters land may be a possible installment at the suspected Universal’s Fantastic Worlds Park.

All of this news comes from discussion around leaked internal Universal documents that started popping up online in January 2019. While the park appears to be in very early development, many of the leaked document images show possible “lands” in the new park. One of the most intriguing images is concept art for what looks to be Dracula’s Castle. It shares a distinguishable resemblance to the castle from Tod Browning’s 1931 film which helped put Universal on the map.


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If Universal were to dedicate a whole chunk of a new park to the classic monsters, that would be one hell of an attraction. Right now, Universal Orlando’s Classic Monster Cafe is the only homage to these screen legends in the park. The horror film community has a lot to thank these classic creatures for. Universal’s classic monsters help lay the groundwork for horror films in America in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. The chance to immerse oneself in this world would be a dream come true. With Universal’s failed attempt to launch the Dark Universe franchise, this may be the right path for bringing some new life to these classic monsters.

For now this is all speculation of course. Universal has already announced new additions to the current parks in Orlando coming this year, so let’s hope a new park isn’t too far off. Personally, if this turns out to be really happening I will be buying a ticket faster than you can say “Lon Chaney”.


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