The Stephen King train keeps on rolling. Castle Rock, Hulu’s interpretation of King’s interconnected universe of books and short stories, has dropped some serious casting and plot news on us. THR first had the story that major actors like Lizzy Caplan and Tim Robbins will be joining Castle Rock‘s second season. The newly announced plot details should also be enough to make any King fan giddy.

Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield) will be playing a character near and dear to our horror hearts – Annie Wilkes, famously portrayed by Kathy Bates in the 1990 film Misery. Obviously, this is a much younger Wilkes, who THR describes as a “budding psychopath” who is stranded in the town of Castle Rock.


Another big casting announcement is Tim Robbins – no stranger to Stephen King adaptations, as he starred in 1994’s The Shawshank Redemption – who will portray “Pop” Merrill, patriarch of King’s legendary crime family.

If the Merrill name sounds familiar, they’re one of the most notorious names in King’s prolific bibliography. John “Ace” Merrill was the villain in Stand By Me, and will also appear in the new season of Castle Rock. He will be portrayed by Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy). Matthew Alan (13 Reasons Why) will play Ace‘s brother Chris.

Other cast additions announced by THR include Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips), and Yusra Warsama (The Last Days on Mars). Fisher will be playing the daughter of Annie Wilkes, Joy, who starts to suspect that her mother is losing her mind.

We don’t know a ton about the plot of the second season of Castle Rock, but we do have a bit to go on with the release. It will apparently focus on a feud between the Merrill clan and a group from Jerusalem’s Lot, particularly those characters played by Warsama and Abdi. It will not be a direct continuation of the first season, cut it seems unlikely there would be no interconnectivity between last season’s story of Henry Deaver and his strange relationship with King’s mysterious town.

There is no premiere date yet for Castle Rock season two, but stay tuned to our Twitter, in the official NOFS subreddit, and on Facebook in the Horror Movie Fiend Club for the latest in horror news and features.


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