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Hidden Gems: 10 Great 2023 Horror Movies You May Have Missed

As we bid adieu to another terror-rific year, it’s time to uncover the often-overlooked yet truly eerie cinematic treasures of 2023. Buckle up and join us as we delve into the dark corners of the film realm to bring you our curated list of the underrated horror movies of 2023.

From menacing monsters to blood-soaked backwoods, these hidden gems will make your spine tingle and have you hiding beneath the covers… just how we like it.

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10. Suitable Flesh (2023)

Obsession, deterioration, overwhelming dread… what’s not to love? Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s short story ‘The Thing on the Doorstep’,” Suitable Flesh enthralls with paranormal horrors and psychological twists. Heather Graham triumphs in her role as a psychiatrist whose attempts to save a young man from a mental break spirals into an occult nightmare. If you’re a Lovecraft fan, or just someone who enjoys watching sanity unravel onscreen, this film is a must-watch!

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Sick Movie 2023

9. Sick (2023)

Quarantine cabin fever takes a stabby turn in Sick, where isolation becomes the least of Parker and Miri’s worries. With a slasher on the loose, viewers buckle up for a survival story that’s all about close calls and narrow escapes. Cue the adrenaline and prepare for a film that proves personal space is more than just a social nicety—it’s downright lifesaving.

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8. Bury the Bride (2023)

In Bury the Bride, the something blue is more akin to blackened bruises, as what’s supposed to be a gal’s weekend of pre-wedding celebration turns into a homicidal romp. Let’s toast to the bride-to-be, her iron will, and the friends who’ve got her back against some truly unhinged wedding crashers. RSVP at your own risk—you’ll never look at “til death do us part” the same way.

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Calm 0611

7. When Evil Lurks (2023)

Ready for a bloodbath with a side of demonic possession? When Evil Lurks isn’t your run-of-the-mill summoning saga. This grizzly, gore-fest upends the traditional tropes with clever twists that’ll make you gape at the audacity of it all.  It’s a visceral viewing experience that’s as unique as it is unnervingly delightful. If you thought you knew how possession films play out, think again. 

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Cobweb Movie 2023 Underrated Horror Movies

6. Cobweb (2023)

Step into the pages of a dark fairytale with Cobweb, where young Peter finds himself ensnared in a mysterious enigma that rivals the Grimmest of tales. As the once whimsical walls of Peter’s bedroom become the canvas for his fears, we’re plunged into a sinister world that Hans Christian Andersen himself might think twice before conjuring. Get ready for a chilling fable that beautifully blurs the line between childlike wonder and the dark, tangled forest of terror.

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