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The Fast and the Fear-ious: 10 Must-Watch Action Horror Movies

If you’re a fan of horror movies and adrenaline-pumping action, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve rounded up the top 10 action horror movies that will have you jumping out of your seat one minute and cheering for the hero in the next.

Get ready for a wild ride, because here are our picks for 10 Must-Watch Action Horror Movies!

20th Century Studios

Aliens (1986)

Aliens is a must-watch action horror that follows a group of marines who are sent on a mission to investigate a colony on LV-426, where they find a horde of deadly, acid-spewing aliens. The marines are led by the tough and resourceful Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who was the sole survivor of a previous alien encounter (save for Jonesy the cat). The marines are hunted by the aliens and are forced to fight for their survival in a series of intense and harrowing battles.

The film is a masterful blend of science fiction, action, and horror, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest sequels ever made. Director James Cameron delivers a thrilling and suspenseful movie that is both visually stunning and emotionally engaging. The characters are well-drawn and the cast delivers strong performances, particularly Sigourney Weaver in her iconic role as Ripley. Aliens is a movie that stands the test of time, and is a must-watch for fans of the action and horror genres.

the descent 2005

The Descent (2005)

The Descent  is a must-watch action horror movie that follows a group of adventurous women who go on a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains. However, things take a dark turn when they become trapped in an unexplored cave system and encounter a breed of subterranean humanoid creatures that are hungry for human flesh. NBD. As the women fight for survival, they must also contend with their own fears, rivalries, and secrets.

The movie is a thrilling combination of action and horror, with heart-pounding chase scenes, gruesome deaths, and a tense atmosphere that never lets up. The characters are well-developed and relatable, with each woman bringing their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. The Descent also subverts typical horror movie tropes by featuring an all-female cast and portraying them as strong, capable, and resourceful. Overall, The Descent is a must-watch for horror fans who enjoy a good adrenaline rush and appreciate a well-crafted story.

burn predator

Predator (1987)

Predator follows a group of elite commandos who are dropped into the South American jungle for a mission to rescue hostages from a guerrilla group. They soon realize that they are not alone in the jungle, and are actually being hunted down by a technologically advanced alien creature known as the Predator. The commandos must use their skills and wits to survive the Predator’s deadly attacks and find a way to defeat it before it’s too late.

This movie is a classic example of the action-horror genre, blending intense action sequences with elements of horror and suspense. The Predator is a menacing and formidable opponent, making for a thrilling and engaging viewing experience. The movie is also notable for its impressive special effects and iconic one-liners, such as “Get to the chopper!” by former Californian Governer and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Overall, Predator is a must-watch for fans of action, horror, and sci-fi, and a true classic that continues to entertain audiences to this day.


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nightmare on film street horror movie tshirts

Constantine (2005)

Constantine follows the story of John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), a demon hunter who battles to save humanity from eternal damnation. Constantine has been to Hell and back, literally, and now he is on a mission to prevent a supernatural apocalypse from destroying the world. Along the way, Constantine is joined by Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), a police detective who is trying to uncover the truth behind her twin sister’s suicide. The movie is set in a dark and gloomy Los Angeles where Constantine and his pals fight demons, angels, and other supernatural entities to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the balance between heaven and hell.

The movie is a thrilling and chilling ride from start to finish. Keanu Reeves perfectly embodies the brooding and intense character of John Constantine, while Rachel Weisz delivers a standout, emotional performance as Angela Dodson. The movie features stunning visuals, heart-pumping action scenes, and a terrifying portrayal of a deitous underworld that will leave you in awe.

dawn of the dead 2004 best horror movie remakes
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Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Dawn of the Dead is a must-watch action horror that follows a group of survivors as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse that has engulfed the world. The movie starts with Ana (Sarah Polley), a nurse, waking up to find her neighborhood overrun by zombies. She manages to escape and meets up with a group of survivors at a mall, where they try to survive by barricading themselves inside. The group consists of different personalities, including a police officer, a salesman, a security guard, a pregnant woman, and a man with his dog.

As they try to survive, tensions rise within the group, and they soon realize that the zombies are not their only problem. The movie is action-packed, with intense and gruesome scenes that will leave the faint of heart queasy. The characters are well-developed, and the movie explores their struggles as they try to survive in a world that has been destroyed by the undead. Dawn of the Dead is a thrilling and entertaining zombie movie that is guaranteed to satisfy fans of the horror genre.

overlord movie 2018

Overlord (2018)

Overlord follows the story of a group of American paratroopers who are dropped into occupied France on the eve of D-Day. As they make their way to their target, they discover a secret Nazi lab where horrific experiments are being conducted on the local population to create an army of super soldiers. The soldiers must fight their way through the lab and stop the Nazis from unleashing their deadly creations on the world. This intense and action-packed movie combines the horrors of war with the terror of the supernatural, making for a thrilling and unforgettable viewing experience.

The film’s high production value and exceptional performances add to the gripping wartorn storyline, creating a movie that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. It delivers a unique take on the typical war film genre, and the combination of supernatural elements and intense action sequences creates a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.


From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

From Dusk Till Dawn is a thrilling genre-bending film that tells the story of two brothers, Seth (Quentin Tarantino) and Richie Gecko (George Clooney), who are on the run from the law. The brothers kidnap a family and hijack their RV to cross the border into Mexico. They plan to meet at a biker bar called the Titty Twister, where they will be safe from the police. However, things take a dark turn after they arrive at the bar, which turns out to be a secret haven for vampires. The brothers and their hostages must battle the bloodthirsty creatures throughout the night to survive till dawn.

This movie is a must-watch for fans of horror and action movies. The plot is fast-paced and keeps the audience engaged throughout. The unique twist of having the anti-heroes become heroes in the fight against vampires adds an exciting dynamic to the film. The characters are well-developed, and the acting is top-notch, with George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, and Salma Hayek delivering standout performances. From Dusk Till Dawn is a classic horror movie that has everything from gore and suspense to humor and action.

underworld movie 2003

Underworld (2003)

Underworld s a must-watch action horror that follows the story of Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire warrior who is entangled in a never-ending battle against the Lycans, a group of werewolves who are her sworn enemies. When Selene discovers that the Lycans are planning to kidnap a human named Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), she steps in to stop them. After saving Michael, she realizes that he might hold the key to ending the centuries-old war between the two species. With the guidance of a vampire elder named Viktor (Bill Nighy), Selene sets out to uncover the truth about Michael’s identity while also trying to protect him from both the Lycans and her own kind.

The film is a perfect blend of action and horror, with stunning fight scenes and top-notch special effects. The story is a gritty, gruesome take on the classic star-crossed lovers’ tale, and the performances by Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, and Michael Sheen are nothing short of brilliant. If you’re a fan of the horror genre, or simply looking for a movie that will give you an adrenaline rush, then Underworld (2003) is a must-watch. With its unique take on the vampire and werewolf mythos and its breathtaking action sequences, this movie is sure to leave a lasting impression.

train to busan movie
Next Entertainment World

Train to Busan (2016)

Train to Busan is a South Korean action horror that follows a group of passengers who are taking a train… to Busan- a city that has managed to avoid the zombie outbreak that is tearing the rest of the country apart. However, when one infected passenger boards the train, chaos soon erupts as the virus spreads rapidly throughout the train, turning passengers into bloodthirsty zombies. The movie is a thrilling ride from start to finish (pun intended), as the group of survivors must fight their way through carriages filled with zombies in order to reach safety.

What makes Train to Busan stand out from other zombie movies is its intense action sequences and the emotional depth of its characters. As the group of survivors fight to stay alive, they must also confront their own fears and weaknesses. The father-daughter relationship at the heart of the story adds a layer of heart-wrenching emotion to the movie, making it all the more impactful. The movie is a rollercoaster ride of action, horror, and emotion, making it a must-watch for anyone who loves a good zombie movie. I dare you not to cry while watching this one.

resident evil 2002
Screen Gems

Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil is a must-watch action horror movie that follows a group of military soldiers and scientists as they try to contain a deadly virus that has transformed a secret facility into a dangerous hive of undead creatures. The film begins with Alice (Milla Jovovich), waking up in a mansion with no memory of how she got there. She soon discovers that the mansion is part of the underground facility operated by the Umbrella Corporation, a powerful and secretive pharmaceutical company. As Alice and the rest of the team navigate through the labyrinthine facility, they face hordes of flesh-eating zombies and other mutated creatures, all while trying to uncover the truth behind the virus and the corporation’s involvement.

The film is a great blend of action and horror, with plenty of suspenseful moments and heart-pumping action sequences. The film’s strong cast, including Jovovich and the always-tough and terrific Michelle Rodriguez, delivers convincing performances that keep the audience engaged throughout. The film’s special effects and makeup are also impressive, creating a convincing and terrifying world of undead creatures. Resident Evil (2002) is a thrilling and entertaining movie that is sure to satisfy fans of action and horror alike.

So there you have it folks, ten action-packed horror films that will have you jumping out of your seat and screaming for more. Whether you’re a fan of zombies, demons, or just really strong women kicking butt, this list has got you covered. So grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and get ready for your heart to race!

And- if you happen to run into a horde of zombies on your way out of the theater, just remember – aim for the head!

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