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10 Movies So Disturbing, Redditors Couldn’t Finish Them

Think you’ve seen it all? I hope you’ve got a strong stomach, because there are plenty of disturbing, vile, and downright terrifying films lurking in the shadows, ready to push you to your limit. I sought out 10 movies so disturbing, that even Redditors couldn’t finish them. And that’s saying something. Get ready to be scared out of your wits!

terrifier 2016
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1. Terrifier (2016)

Clowns are supposed to be funny, right? Well, not this one. Terrifier follows the deranged Art the Clown, who terrorizes a group of friends on Halloween night. The film features graphic violence and gore, including one scene that involves Art hacking off a woman’s face. Yep, you read that right. It’s no wonder that this brave viewer on Reddit couldn’t make it through this movie.

the poughkeepsie tapes

2. Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

Found footage films can be creepy, but Poughkeepsie Tapes takes it to a whole new level. The movie is presented as a documentary about a serial killer who filmed his murders. The footage is disturbingly realistic, and some of the scenes are downright horrifying. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to listen to this Redditor and skip this one.

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3. The Last House on the Left (1972)

Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left tells the story of a pair of teenage girls who are abducted and tortured by a gang of criminals. The film features explicit scenes of rape and violence that are difficult to watch. It’s no surprise that Reddit couldn’t stomach this classic horror movie.

4. A Serbian Film (2010)

A Serbian Film is one of the most controversial horror movies of all time. The film is about a retired porn star who is lured back into the industry for one last film. The movie features scenes of rape, incest, and child abuse that are incredibly disturbing. Many Redditors couldn’t finish this movie, and it’s easy to understand why. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to trust the recommendation and never, ever, ever, dare myself to watch it.

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5. Martyrs (2008)

Martyrs is a French horror movie that revolves around a young girl named Lucie who was kidnapped and tortured as a child. As an adult, she seeks revenge on her captors, however, as the movie progresses, it becomes clear that there is more to the story than meets the eye. The film is known for its graphic violence and unsettling imagery, and it has been praised by some as a masterpiece of horror while others have criticized it for scenes of extreme gore and torture. The movie is not for the faint of heart, and many Redditors couldn’t finish it.

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6. Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)

The first Human Centipede movie was disturbing enough, but the sequel takes it to a whole new level. The film takes a meta approach, revolving around a man who is obsessed with the first movie and decides to create his own ‘human centipede’. The movie features scenes of graphic violence and torture that are difficult to watch. Also, as one Redditor so eloquently put it, lots of “scat stuff”.

hostel movie 2005

7. Hostel (2005)

Hostel follows a group of American backpackers who are lured to a Slovakian hostel where they are tortured and killed in a corporate-style auction. The movie features scenes of graphic violence and gore that are difficult to watch. It’s no surprise this film is toted as the birth of the ‘torture porn’ era of horror movies in the early 2000s. It also made a household name out of director Eli Roth. Still, some Redditors could barely take it.

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8. Sinister (2012)

Sinister tells the story of a crime writer who moves his family into a house he’s covering where a family was brutally murdered. The movie is often considered one of the most terrifying horror movies of all time, so it’s no wonder that many Redditors couldn’t finish this movie. One Redditor said, “I’m pretty numb to horror but I had to nope out as soon as he watched the first tape.”

the hills have eyes 2006
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9. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The Hills Have Eyes is a remake of the 1977 horror movie of the same name, taking audiences on a terrifying journey of survival through the unforgiving desert landscape. With a plot that tells the story of a family on a road trip that becomes stranded and hunted by a group of savage mutants, with nothing spared for the squeamish.  The film’s graphic violence and gore are difficult to stomach, and Reddit agrees.

irreversible movie

10. Irréversible (2002)

Irréversible is a French film from Gaspar Noé that tells the story of a woman who is violently raped and beaten. The movie is presented in reverse chronological order, which only adds to the feeling of dread and helplessness. The movie features scenes of graphic violence and sexual assault that are incredibly disturbing. Many Redditors couldn’t finish this movie, and it’s easy to see why. I mistakenly watched this film thinking I could handle it, and spent days trying to force the memory of it out of my mind.

So there you have it, ten horror movies so disturbing that even Reddit couldn’t finish them. If you’re feeling brave, give one of these movies a try. But be warned: they’re not for the faint of heart!

Let me know which of these disturbing flicks you’ve already seen so I can give you a Metal Stomach Award over on Twitter, or in the Nightmare on Film Street Discord!