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The 21 Best Found Footage Horror Movies of All Time and Where to Watch Them!

Hold on to your camcorders, horror buffs! We’re delving into the shaky, grainy, panic-inducing world of found footage films. From forests filled with witches to daunting deserts harboring the inexplicable, found footage horror offers a spine-tingling realism that other genres can only dream of.

So grab some night vision goggles and a spare pack of batteries, because here are the 21 best found footage films ever to grace our trembling screens. (why 21? why not!)


the blair witch project 1999
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1. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Three film students venture into the Black Hills Forest to document the legendary Blair Witch in this groundbreaking found footage film. The raw, realistic style captivated audiences and inspired a new wave of horror filmmaking. If you want to experience the terror that redefined the genre and launched countless imitators, look no further.

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2. Ghostwatch (1992)

Originally aired as a live broadcast on the BBC, Ghostwatch deceived viewers into thinking it was a real paranormal investigation. This early found footage entry cleverly used a typical news format to deliver a genuinely haunting experience, showing how easily media can blur fiction and reality. Orson Welles would like a word.

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paranormal activity 2007 found footage horror movies
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3. Paranormal Activity (2007)

A young couple plagued by a demonic presence decides to capture evidence on film. Simple in execution but brilliant in concept, Paranormal Activity reinvigorated the found footage subgenre with its subtle scares and domestic terror. Its success spawned numerous sequels, solidifying its status as a modern classic.

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4. Cloverfield (2008)

When a monster attacks New York City, a group of friends documents the chaos. Merging found footage with the kaiju genre, Cloverfield provided a fresh, street-level perspective on city-wide destruction. It’s a must-watch for found footage fans seeking colossal thrills.

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creep 2014 found footage horror movies
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5. Creep (2014)

Answering a Craigslist ad, a videographer meets a man with increasingly disturbing behavior. Creep relies on psychological horror and unsettling character study, demonstrating the power of minimalism in the found footage genre. Its success even led to a sequel, further exploring the unnerving protagonist.

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nightmare on film street best horror movie podcast background