Hold on to those comic ads, there’s some Creepshow merchandise coming your way. Creeps and fiends can now snag some apparel inspired by the popular film from horror merchandise retailer Fright Rags. A staple and a go-to for horror fans looking to expand their spooky wardrobe, the team behind Fright Rags have released their coolest line-up yet. Showcasing all-new designs adapted from your favorite segments of the classic anthology the Fright Rags Creepshow line-up is everything you’ve been looking for. 

For those unfamiliar with the popular film, Creepshow (1982) was directed by the late horror legend George A. Romero . The screenplay and all of the stories were co-created by horror icon and author, Stephen King. The film follows a young boy as we see the stories of his horror comic played out in segments. Each one with its own unique story and characters to follow as horrific events overtake them. From zombies to revenant spirits and creepy crawlies, Creepshow has become a staple for many genre fans.


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The film gained such notoriety that it spawned a sequel only five years later. Creepshow 2 (1987) featured another trio of shorts wrapped in another story of youth and angst. This film did not however gain as much traction as the original had. The series did stay dormant for a long time until 2006 when Creepshow 3, much the the chagrin of fans, was released directly to video.

The popularity of the original and its first sequel have carried on. Creepshow is a brilliant addition to the Fright Rags lineup as the film does exhibit graphic design sensibilities. The entire film showcases wide arrays of color and designs as a backdrop to the horror on screen. These vibrant colors and horror comic aesthetic can be seen on each of the shirts showcasing your favorite Creepshow segments.