It’s a beautiful thing showing the film Sleepaway Camp to someone who has A) never seen it and B) knows nothing about it.  Following the journey of Angela Baker as she navigates her way through Camp Arawak both emotionally and physically is a ride that few films can match.  Sleepaway Camp is a film that has managed to have a remarkable amount of staying power and still manages to shock, surprise and remain relevant 36 years after its release.  Therefore, it’s no surprise that a making-of documentary is in the works.  The story of how exactly this summer slasher came to be is certain to be a wild one.

Coming via Michael Perez Entertainment, the documentary titled Angela: The Official Sleepaway Camp Documentary has been talked about for quite some time now.  Angela herself, Felissa Rose has been tapped to be Executive Producer and the doc is being sold as “The definitive documentary on the Sleepaway Camp series.” (IMDB) If the name Michael Perez sounds familiar, it’s likely due to the fact that he has worked on several other horror documentaries including Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy and Scream: The Inside Story.


Much like Never Sleep Again, Angela is currently slated to be a long one running nearly 4 hours and covering the first 4 films in the franchise.  According to Bloody Disgusting, the film will include:

  • Interviews with Frank Sorrentino, Thomas Van Dell, John Dunn, Felissa Rose, Karen Fields, Katherine Kamhi, Michael A. Simpson and more
  • Location tour of the original camp with the cast of Sleepaway Camp
  • Location tour of Unhappy Campers and Teenage Wasteland
  • Hours of never before seen behind the scenes footage
  • A vast collection of never before seen photos
  • Unreleased music videos from the films
  • Special Audio Commentary Tracks of the first three films
  • Extended Interviews
  • “What It Feels Like For A Girl: The controversial tale and making of the first LGBTQ killer”


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In order to make this film come to fruition, the filmmakers have looked to fans and Indiegogo to help secure the funding needed to complete the project.  They are looking to raise a total of $65,000 and if the goal isn’t reached…the film isn’t happening.  Of course, there are perks to donating.  Like for instance, the only way to get a physical Blu-ray copy of the film will be through donating to this campaign.  Other tiered perks include personal voice recording from Angela, cast autographed posters, there’s even a couple of Co-Executive Producer credits up for grabs.

So, what do you say…want to meet Angela down at the waterfront after the social?  Head on over to the Indiegogo campaign and help make it happen.

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