Bad news: there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to break something this month. I know, I know- but I don’t make the rules. I mean, heck, it’s practically right there in the name of the month. Just as a quick test, I want you to fill in the blank in this next phrase —> March _________. Your brain said March Break, didn’t it? You see, breaking is just built into who we are and no matter how hard you try to fight it, you’re going to break eventually.

You might break your ankle with all that spring cleaning, you might finally break your new year’s resolutions (if you haven’t already), or you may break down in tears at the thought of spending another Friday night at home, waving a pizza box around on a makeshift dancefloor of dirty laundry. That last one might just be me but I think we can all agree, something has to break this March.


jacob's ladder - strapped in


Join the editorial team here at Nightmare on Film Street this March for a month-long celebration of psychological breaks, broken bones, and spring break massacres! Coming in just a few short days, our resident breakfast cereal & morning cartoon expert Mac Jones is bringing you a very special edition of Saturday Morning Scares focusing specifically on your favorite horror-centric commercial breaks. Kim Morrison is working tirelessly to peel back the hospital curtain on the gnarliest broken bones in horror, and Erin Hayes is braving the waves to bring you a deep dive into the uncharted waters of shark attack films.


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We’ll also be taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to debut a new column from Samantha Mclaren entitled “Bloody British”, celebrating the wonderfully weird world of British Horror! This month also marks the release of Godzilla vs. Kong and I’m sure you can’t wait to see how many bones, buildings, and bad guys those big boys can break! While you eagerly await that clash of the titans, enjoy Paul Le’s Ultimate Guide To Godzilla’s Foes as well as Stephanie Cole’s loving revisit of Godzilla (1954).



Are you about to break? Are you throwing caution to the wind and venturing out for a Spring Break vacation? Be sure to keep your passports close, and leave a note with a loved one so we know where to look for you if you disappear in a European hostel or find yourself crippled in a log cabin with your biggest fan. 

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