It’s October, which means Halloween parties are quickly approaching. You don’t want to be that one lame attendee who isn’t in a costume. But sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose what to wear and who to be! Or perhaps you’re a social butterfly and have multiple parties, but don’t want to be a costume repeater. There’s the added pressure of being original at each party, but there’s only so much you can do. Never fear, we here at Nightmare On Film Street have a few ideas inspired by horror movies from this year. 

This was the year of reboots and sequels, so a few costume ideas on this list may sound familiar. However, that may just make costume shopping and creating a little easier. Plus, it gives you a chance to dress up as your favorite killer doll again!


Pennywise from It: Chapter 2

Sure, Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise has been around as a costume since the release of It: Chapter 1, but the sequel’s release has made it relevant again. There are a few ways to execute a Pennywise costume. You can go the easy route and just buy a costume from Spirit Halloween, Amazon, or wherever you buy your Halloween costumes. Don’t worry, you can buy a sexy Pennywise costume if you are so inclined. But if you want to be a little more creative, you can follow YouTube make-up tutorials to create your own creepy clown look.

If you want to take your look to the next level, consider making it an It: Chapter 2 specific look with one of Pennywise’s creepy transformations or haunting expressions, such as when his tongue is way too long or when he’s smiling a little too big with a mouth full of sharp teeth


Chucky from the new Child’s Play

child's play 2019

Again, perhaps Chucky isn’t the most original costume, but with the new Child’s Play this year, the creepy doll is back in action. All you really need are overalls, a rainbow-striped shirt, a red wig, and a plastic knife! This is an outfit you could buy from a Halloween store, but with overalls back in vogue, you can easily put the costume together in any clothing store. If you’re feeling a little more extra, throw in a pair of red contacts to up the fright factor. 



Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family


She is truly the go-to Halloween costume for anyone who feels lazy and wants to throw on a black dress, braid their hair, and call it a day. But there’s going to be a spike in her Halloween appearances due to the animated version of the iconic story. The new film is geared more towards kids, so this will hopefully inspire a new generation of Wednesdays. Plus, the Wednesday Addams of this adaptation braids her hair into nooses, which I can’t wait to see all over my Instagram feed. 


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Jud from Pet Sematary

pet sematary

This is the last costume inspired by a horror reboot, I promise. Jud from Pet Sematary is iconic particularly due to his thick New England accent, and an easy costume to put together. Just head to your local thrift store, pick up a pair of overalls or ratty jeans, a flannel shirt, and a good oversized cardigan. Finish with a baseball hat, and you’re all set. Walk around the party muttering, “Sometimes, dead is better” while drinking bad beer. Extra credit if you include a white beard a-la John Lithgow’s rendition of the character.


Ephraim and/or Thomas from The Lighthouse


Fall 2019 is all about lighthouse keeper chic thanks for Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse,. Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe play lighthouse keepers Ephraim and Thomas, respectively, in the late 1800s and their outfits are perfect for Halloween. This is another case of raiding your local thrift store for supplies. In this case, you need slacks, a big cozy sweater, and a sailor or captain’s hat. This can also be executed as one costume, or a couple’s costume. Finish the costume off with a mustache or a beard and you’re all set to bring the freezing cold vibes of an isolated lighthouse. For added effect, carry around a can of beans or a stuffed seagull. 


Alligator from Crawl

Alexander Aja’s Crawl was an unexpected summer hit. It was fun, violent, entertaining, and never boring. So why not keep on bringing that fun by dressing by one of the film’s alligators? Gator costumes are easy to find online and while you could just be any old alligator, you can say you’re from Crawl, which makes it so much cooler and culturally relevant! 

Make it a couples costume: Find a Haley (Kaya Scodelario) for your gator. All they need is a hoodie and a pair of athletic shorts, then a bunch of fake blood to put all over their body. Bonus points if their hoodie is from a high school or college swim team.


Grace from Ready or Not

ready or not movie review

Grace (Samara Weaving) is the Final Girl of 2019. She kicks major ass in Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s film, Ready Or Not, which serves as both a slasher and a giant middle finger to the rich. For almost the entire film, Grace is in her wedding dress that slowly loses its elegance as she rips it, tears it, and covers it in blood, sweat, and mud. If you wish to go as Grace for Halloween, procure either a cheap wedding dress or really any white dress and cover it in fake blood. Throw on a pair of Chuck Taylors, braid your hair, splash some blood on your face, and you’re ready to go. You’ll be the most beautiful and disgusting person at the party. 

Hot at the Shop:


The Tethered from Us

jordan peele us

While it came out earlier in the year, Jordan Peele’s Us is the perfect inspiration for Halloween costumes. The Tethered, or carbon copies of every person on Earth, wear an easily replicated uniform that lends itself perfectly to group or couple’s costumes. You can purchase the red jumpsuit online and top it off with leather fingerless gloves and a pair of scissors. 


Boyfriend Stuffed in Bear from Midsommar

Did Ari Aster’s Midsommar tear out your heart and scream “Skal” in your face? Perfect, use that pain for your Halloween costume! If you’ve seen the film, you know that it goes south for Christian (Jack Reynor) and he ends up stuffed inside of a bear, which is both terrifying and a little funny. The moment is easily recreated for Halloween with a simple bear onesie from Spirit Halloween or Party City. It’ll make even more sense if you pair it with…


The May Queen from Midsommar

Dani (Florence Pugh) achieves the title of May Queen in Midsommar, which means she covered in flowers and showered with love. The title comes with power and violence, though, which makes the floral-covered character sinister. She may just be the go-to costume this year. The May Queen’s look may be more labor-intensive than the previous costumes on this list due to the sheer amount of flowers needed to craft her crown and cape. But the work is worth it when you have a gorgeous costume to flaunt on Halloween. 


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Bonus: A couple’s costume as Tammy and the T-Rex

Yes, Tammy and the T-Rex came out 25 years ago. But, this year, it’s coming back in a big way with the release of its gore cut. So, to honor the newfound love for the film, why not dress up as Denise Richards as the 1990s teen Tammy and her boyfriend-turned-dino? Inflatable T. rex costumes are everywhere these days, and again, thrift stores will have all you need to recreate Tammy’s iconic looks. 

What are you going to be for Halloween? Did this list give you any inspiration? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!