Get ready to bang your heads while you watch heads explode! A sequel to Deathgasm has been announced.

The heavy metal horror-comedy received rave reviews when it premiered at SXSW in 2015, and went on to become a cult favorite of both horror fans and metalheads. It was also recently featured on Shudder’s The Last Drive-in With Joe Bob Briggs. Fun fact: Walmart refused to sell DVDs of Deathgasm, demanding that the name of the movie be changed to family-safe Heavy Metal Apocalypse. Regardless, it was a successful feature-length directorial debut for Jason Lei Howden, who has previously worked as visual effects artist on the Avengers and the Hobbit trilogy. Howden is currently in post-production for Guns Akimbo.

Set in a small New Zealand town, Deathgasm follows loner metal fan Brodie (played by Milo Cawthorne). Brodie’s life changes when he meets Zakk (James Blake), the only other metalhead in town. Together, they form a band called Dethgasm. One day, the two break into the house of a dead rockstar and find sheet music for a song called the Black Hymn. Dethgasm plays the song, and unwittingly turns everyone in town into blood-thirsty demons. Brodie and Zakk try to reverse the spell, all while dismembering the possessed townsfolk with homemade weapons.

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We have no idea how Howden is going to top that, but we’re expecting more blood and more creative kills. Back in December 2015, Howden teased a sequel by posting a photo on Instagram of the first page of the script, with the title “Goremageddon.” He promised that there will be more gore in the first ten minutes than there was in the entire first movie.

The original soundtrack included tracks by Skull Fist, Elm Street, Nunslaughter and Emperor. I think it’s safe to assume the sequel’s soundtrack will feature more metal legends and more brutal blastbeats to compliment the carnage.

Deathgasm Part 2 is being released through a new production company called Grimmfest Films, founded by the organizers of the UK genre film festival of the same name. No release date has been set, but Nightmare On Film Street will bring you all the details once we know more.

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