Only five years ago, The Purge made its debut on the big screen and immediately became a massive hit with horror fans everywhere. In that short time it has become a cultural phenomenon, spanning three films with a fourth coming to theatres July 4th, 2018. Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the original films firmly planted themselves into our collective-consciousness, infiltrating all facets of pop-culture (including a hilarious episode of Rick and Morty). 

The concept of The Purge is simplistic but because of the sheer scope of the premise, the amount of individual stories that could potentially be told is almost endless. For this reason, making the leap to television is an obvious choice, just as developing The Walking Dead into a TV show instead of a movie was the right move. Now The Purge is being developed for the small screen and casting on the SyFy television show is well underway.



the purge television series
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Deadline recently reported that the series picked up three regulars for the show. Lili Simmons (Banshee), Hannah Anderson (JigsawWhat Keeps You Alive), and Lee Tergesen (Outcast) have all been picked up to play recurring characters in the dystopian series. The three new actors seem to be playing vastly different characters that promise a compelling dynamic. Simmons will play Lila, a rebel looking to distance herself from those who support the New Founding Fathers of and their psychotic purge. Anderson will play a kind-hearted and nonviolent person named Jenna, who will undoubtedly learn to defend herself by any means necessary. Tergesen has been cast as a rather mysterious figure named Joe. From what we gather, Joe is armored to the teeth, protecting innocent bystanders from violent, purge-related attacks.

Story details are scarce at this time but it has been hinted that the 10 episode series will take place between the second and third movies. The series is currently in production premiering on the USA Network and SyFy sometime next year. What are your predictions for The Purge series? Let us know on TwitterInstagramReddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!