It’s hard to believe that the Tim Burton classic Beetlejuice turns 30 this week! The horror comedy classic was first released to US theatres on March 30th, 1988. The film was an instant financial success, and quickly earned its cult status as one of Tim Burton’s best. The film starred and un-recognizable Michael Keaton as the titular Beetlejuice (or Betelgeuse, depending on your fancy) a bio-exorcist reluctantly charged with clearing out the alive Deetz family from the undead Maitland Family’s New England farmhouse.

Beetlejuice introduced us to a bureaucratic underworld, full of many iconic characters – both alive and undead! We’ve created a quiz surrounding the Deetzs, Maitlands, and underworld inhabitants – What Beetlejuice Character Are You? So take out your Handbook for the Recently Deceased, and get ready to answer a few, simple questions!

What Beetlejuice Character Are You?



There’s plenty more Beetlejuice where that came from! We’re celebrating the “Ghost With The Most” here at Nightmare on Film Street with a whole host of articles and news surrounding everyone’s favorite Bio-Exorcist.

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