With the franchises continued success in the wake of the latest spin-off, The Nun, The Conjuring 3 is set to enter production in 2019.


As reported by Cinemablend, The Conjuring 3 is gearing up to enter production next year. Producer Peter Safran commented,

It’s actually coming along great. David Lindsay Johnson is working on the screenplay, and I feel pretty confident they will have that one up and running next year.


Safran has produced all of the films in The Conjuring Universe so far. He not only confirmed its development, but also suggests we could see the finished film in theaters by 2020. It will see David Lindsay Johnson, who co-wrote The Conjuring 2 on writing duties. It has yet to be confirmed if James Wan will return to direct.

The Conjuring began back in 2013 with the original movie that focused on husband & wife demonologists who are called to oversee an investigation on a family plagued by supposed paranormal activity in their home. The film has so far spawned one direct sequel, The Conjuring 2 (2016). Three spin-off’s, Annabelle (2014)  Annabelle: Creation (2017) and The Nun (2018) have all enjoyed huge commercial success. The films have amassed a reported $260 million.

So, we have a new sequel in the core Conjuring series inbound. I’m pretty happy as I have always found the stories focusing on The Warren’s to be the most rewarding and strongest of The Conjuring Universe. It’s a series that continues to go from strength to strength. There is also a Crooked Man spin-off in production. It looks as though we won’t have to too long to wait for our next fix. The provisional  release date for The Conjuring 3 is 2020.

How we feeling with news of The Conjuring 3 entering production next year? Are you a fan of the universe? Let us know via the links at the bottom of the page.


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